Security Robots Market Report

The Growing Role of Security Robots

IDC, Date of Publication: Aug 10, 2018, 7 Pages

This report takes a look at the market and opportunities related to security robots. Across industries and business processes, robotic technology is increasingly emerging that is taking on certain tasks and empowering human workers to do more and become more effective with their work. One such area that has broad industry applicability is the use of robots within the function of security.

The use of robots in security seems like a natural progression of the technology. Most organizations have some form of security across their business network, and this is ultimately a cost center. Using robots in security can help improve the performance of the entire security operation by enhancing the skills of the human security guards and helping digitize certain aspects of the security processes.

The Growing Role of Security Robots

Executive Snapshot
Figure: Executive Snapshot: The Growing Role of Security Robots
Situation Overview
Industry Opportunity
Figure: Security Robot Interest by Industry Surveyed
Extending the Capabilities of Human Security Guards
More than Autonomous Mobile Security Robots
Challenges Remain
Current State of the Market
Advice for the Technology Buyer
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Date of Publication:
Aug 10, 2018
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