A Strategic Forecast of the Semiconductor Industry

A Strategic Forecast of the Semiconductor Industry

IC Knowledge, Date of Publication: Jul 27, 2015

Strategic Forecast of the Semiconductor Industry covers: The Semiconductor Market, Foundry Versus IDM, Logic Device Technology, Memory Device Technology, Analog and Discrete Devices, Silicon Forecast, Lithography, 300mm, 450mm, Packaging and Equipment Market.

The Strategic Forecast Report was written in conjunction with our partners Linx Consulting in 2013 and updated by us in 2014 and 2015 (see below for chapter by chapter status).

The semiconductor industry is undergoing an unprecedented number of changes. The electronic systems end market drivers are changing from personal computers to smart phones and tablets. Major consolidation is taking place in the industry particularly in memory. More and more companies are going to Fab lite and fabless companies are rising in importance.  Optical lithography has entered the multi-patterning era and EUV is late. 450mm is on the horizon. Planar transistors are transitioning to 3D FinFETs and FDSOI. New materials are being introduced at an increased pace. DRAM and NAND are facing fundamental barriers to scaling with new solutions needed.

What does all this mean to your company? Do you truly understand these transitions and how they will impact you? This ground breaking report will help you evaluate all this and more.

We have combined IC Knowledge's industry leading modeling capabilities and technology expertise with Linx consulting's technology and materials expertise to produce a fully self-consistent model based view of the industry.

Specifically we have produced a long term trend based semiconductor revenue forecast. The revenue forecast has been converted to wafer requirements by wafer size and product type and the number of fabs required has been forecast. The number of Fabs has been converted to detailed equipment and materials requirements as well as cost forecasts. All of the evaluations have been made utilizing a set of linked models fed from a consistent set of assumptions. The assumptions include technology assumptions primarily driven by the ITRS. 450mm and EUV are factored in as well

Chapter List

- Chapter 1 - The Semiconductor Market - updated in 2015

- Chapter 2 - Foundry Versus IDM - updated in 2015

- Chapter 3 - Logic Device Technology - updated in 2014

- Chapter 4 - Memory device Technology - updated in 2014

- Chapter 5 - Analog and Discrete Devices - updated in 2014

- Chapter 6 - Silicon Forecast - updated in 2014

- Chapter 7 - Lithography Forecast - updated in 2014

- Chapter 8 - 300mm - updated in 2014

- Chapter 9 - 450mm - updated in 2014

- Chapter 10 - Packaging - updated in 2014

- Chapter 11 - Equipment Market - 2013

- Chapter 12 - Materials Market - 2013

- Chapter 13 - Wafer Cost - updated in 2014

- Chapter 14 - Facility Cost - updated in 2014

- Chapter 14 - Facility Cost

All forecasts go out fifteen years or more. The report is delivered as a Power Point presentation and all of the graphs are embedded worksheets so that the user may click on them and view the underlying data.

Cost and How To Buy

An enterprise license is $10,000 for the full report, If you want to buy individual chapters the price depends on how many chapters you buy, one chapter is $1,500, if you buy two chapters it is $2,154 for both and so on as listed below.

If you wish to purchase this report by chapters, please use the following order form.


1 $1,500
2 $2,154
3 $2,808
4 $3,462
5 $4,115
6 $4,769
7 $5,423
8 $6,077
9 $6,731
10 $7,385
11 $8,039
12 $8,692
13 $9,346
All 14 $10,000



Date of Publication:
Jul 27, 2015
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PowerPoint & Excel via E-mail