Semiconductor Manufacturing

Date of Publication: Dec 11, 2014
Graphene is an upcoming conducting material with the impending to substitute traditional electrode materials such as Indium tin oxide (ITO) in electrical and optical devices. Graphene is the strongest material ever found, it is harder than diamond and 300 times harder than steel, yet it is also stretchable like rubber and one of the thinnest materials in the world. This and several other features that make Graphene the most preferred material for applications such as extremely strong composite materials, flexible displays and nano-transistors and so on.

Date of Publication: Mar 15, 2016
Global markets for LED phosphor materials and technologies. Coverage of phosphor uses, specifically white LEDs, color changing LEDs, and phosphors used for Ultraviolet LED.

Date of Publication: Dec 4, 2014
Optical inspection is a method of inspection on defects in targets under test by comparing images of targets under test obtained through optical imaging (after processed and analyzed with specific processing algorithm) with images of standard templates. Broadly speaking, automated optical inspection (AOI), automated X-ray inspection (AXI) and automated visual inspection (AVI) all fall into the category of AOI. The main optical inspection products available in the market now are AOI ones, and few are AXI ones. Fewer companies engage in the manufacturing of AVI products.

Date of Publication: Sep 2, 2014
Asia Pacific Semiconductor Industry Leading Indicator and Forecasts are produced in real time to provide a consistent with the Asia Pacific economic...

Date of Publication: Nov 20, 2014
This report provides business and technical information on sputter targets as used for semiconductor devices. Also included is information on supply chain...

Date of Publication: Apr 16, 2014
The Wet Chemicals Report provides a detailed look at the wet chemicals market as it applies to semiconductor processing. A view of the larger world chemical...

Date of Publication: Nov 20, 2014
The Quartz Report provides a comprehensive look at quartz used for semiconductor equipment and wafer production.  Included are business and technical...