Semiconductor Technology and Markets

Date of Publication: Nov 20, 2014
The Silicon Components Report focuses on silicon used for and with semiconductor and LED process equipment. Parts revenues by OEM tool set and regional...

Date of Publication: Feb 26, 2014
System-in-package (SiP) is a combination of integrated circuits (ICs) enclosed in a single package or module. Additionally, passive components are mounted on the same substrate. SiP is not just an IC package with multiple dies; it comprises fully functional systems or subsystems in an IC package format. SiP, while being a packaging technique, differs substantially from other packaging technologies. The latter largely involve minimal complex design considerations, whereas for SiP, an effective subsystem or system, the interconnection and integration are substantially more complex. SiP brings tangible gains in space reduction. While system-on-chip (SoC) achieves the same objective more effectively, SoC design is more complex and time consuming than SiP. SiP’s simplicity has opened a wide array of uses for it in less than a decade since its inception. However, SiP also faces significant challenges in being able to assure form yield maximization.