Sensors and Control Systems

Date of Publication: Feb 6, 2015
Established and emerging markets - the complete picture on all applications: biosensors, temperature, humidity, gas, capacitive, piezoresistive,...

Date of Publication: Nov 26, 2014
The much-heralded arrival of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) will lead to a remaking of the sensor industry, generating hundreds of new opportunities for...

Date of Publication: Nov 5, 2014
Microsensors are devices that detect events, or changes in quantities, and deliver a corresponding output, typically in the form of an optical or electrical...

Date of Publication: Oct 13, 2014
Early this year, Google announced the US$3.2-billion acquisition of Nest Labs, a maker of smart home sensing control devices like thermostats and smoke alarms. This move has revealed Google's plan to enter the smart home business, offering software-hardware-service integrations. This report provides an overview of the smart home sensing control technologies, as well as major vendors' patent deployment and technology trends. Also included is an outlook for the worldwide smart home sensing device market from 2012 to 2020.

Date of Publication: Mar 25, 2014
The report analyzes and presents an overview of Wearable Wireless Sensors market worldwide. Wireless sensors are witnessing significant adoption is the healthcare sector. Sensors are now being developed to be worn by the patients on or inside their body for monitoring critical functionalities and systems. Wearable wireless sensors are increasingly being used for achieving technological breakthroughs in studying diseases effecting motor mobility.

Date of Publication: Aug 18, 2014
This report represents an in-depth analysis of the global photonic sensor and detector market by type, technology, application and geography. The report discusses the differentiation between photonic sensors and detectors to derive specific market estimation.

Date of Publication: Sep 8, 2014
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Level Sensors in US$ Million by the following Types of Technology: Magnetostrictive, Tuning-Fork,...