Silicon Microphones and Speakers: Technology,  Applications and Markets

Silicon Microphones and Speakers: Technology, Market Analysis, and End Applications

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Microphones continue to be one of the best success stories in MEMS, with mobile device manufacturers adding increasing numbers of these devices to their phones to support advanced features, such as voice command and noise suppression. Silicon microphones have the potential to be the next high-volume MEMS application. With their compact and lightweight structure as well as high integration capability, these products are already in vogue in high-end markets, especially for hearing aid use. Hoping to tap the huge potential of MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems microphones), companies are gearing up to master the technology. The report examines the market for microphones, speakers, and end-applications.

Silicon Microphones and Speakers: Technology, Market Analysis, and End Applications

Chapter 1   Introduction                               

1.1         Technology of Silicon Microphones         
1.2         Advantages of Silicon Microphones         

Chapter 2   Microphone Market                  

Chapter 3   Micro Speaker Markets               

3.1         Introduction                              
3.2         Cellular Handset Audio Speakers           
3.3         Consumer Audio Speakers                   

Chapter 4 Microphone and Speaker Supplier Profiles

Chapter 5   Headset Markets            

5.1         The Contact Center/Office Market          
5.2         Mobile Market/PC Headset Market           
5.3         Bluetooth Headset Market                  
5.4         Aviation Headset Market                   
5.5         Headphones                                

Chapter 6   End Application Markets                 

6.1         Answering Machines                        
6.2         Audio Conferencing                        
6.3         Automotive Telematics                     
6.4         Cellular Phones                           
6.5         CB Radios                                 
6.6         Corded Phones                             
6.7         Cordless Phones                           
6.8         Digital Cameras                           
6.9         Fax Machines                              
6.11        Hearing Aids                              
6.12        Integrated Laser/Radar Detector           
6.13        Medical devices                           
6.14        Mobile computing                          
6.15        Networked homes                           
6.16        Paging                                    
6.17            PCs                                                  
6.18            PDAs                                                 
6.19            Smartphones                                          
6.20            Video Cameras                                        
6.21            Video Conference systems                             
6.22            Walkie Talkie's / Two Way Radio's                     



Figure  2.1      Worldwide Market Forecast Of Silicon Microphones     
Figure  2.2      Worldwide Forecast Of Silicon And ECM Microphones    
Figure  5.1      Worldwide Market Shares Of Contact Center/Office Headset Suppliers
Figure  5.3      Worldwide Mobile Headset Market By Application       
Figure  5.4      Worldwide Market Shares Of Mobile/PC Headset Suppliers
Figure  5.5      Worldwide Forecast Of Bluetooth Headsets             
Figure  5.6      Worldwide Market Shares Of Bluetooth Headset Suppliers
Figure  5.7      Worldwide Forecast Of Airline Production             
Figure  6.1      U.S. Audioconferencing Service Handset Market Shares
Figure  6.2      Penetration Rate Of Automotive Telematics            
Figure  6.3      OEM Automotive Electronics Demand In North America
Figure  6.4      OEM Automotive Electronics Demand In North America
Figure  6.5    Worldwide Cellular Handset Market Forecast           
Figure  6.6    U.S. CB Radio Market Shares                          
Figure  6.7    U.S. Integrated Laser/Radar Detector Market Shares   
Figure  6.8    U.S. $80.3 Billion Medical Devices Market By Type    
Figure  6.9    Worldwide Wi-Fi And UWB Forecast                     
Figure  6.10  Worldwide Wi-Fi And UWB Market Shares                
Figure  6.11  Worldwide Forecast Of Smartphones In Use             
Figure  6.12  Bandwidth Comparison For Business Communications
Figure  6.13  Worldwide Video Conferencing Equipment Market Shares
Figure  6.14  U.S. Two-Way Radio Market Shares                      


Table   2.1     Worldwide   Forecast Of ECM and Silicon Microphones  
Table   2.2     Worldwide   Forecast Of Consumer Microphones         
Table   3.1     Worldwide   Forecast Of Cellular Handset Audio Speakers
Table   3.2     Worldwide   Forecast Of Consumer Audio Speakers      
Table   5.1     Worldwide   Forecast Of Contact Center/Office Headsets
Table   5.2     Worldwide Forecast Of Mobile/PC Headsets          
Table   5.3     Worldwide Forecast Of Aviation Headsets           
Table   5.4     Worldwide Forecast Of Headphones                  
Table   5.5     Worldwide Market Shares Of Headphone Suppliers    
Table   6.1     U.S. Forecast Of Answering Machine Market         
Table   6.2     U.S. Market Share Of Answering Machine Suppliers  
Table   6.3     U.S. Audioconferencing Service Bureau Market Forecast
Table   6.4     Worldwide And U.S. Automotive Telematics Market Forecast
Table   6.5     Worldwide And U.S. Automotive Telematics Market    Forecast
Table   6.6     North American Automobile Production Forecast     
Table   6.7     U.S. And European In-Car Audio Market Shares      
Table   6.8     Worldwide Cellular Handset Market Shares          
Table   6.9     U.S. CB Radio Market Forecast                     
Table   6.10   U.S. Corded Phone Market Forecast                 
Table   6.11   U.S. Corded Phone Market Shares                   
Table   6.12   Cordless Phone Manufacturing Capacities In China  
Table   6.13   U.S. Cordless Phone Forecast                      
Table   6.14   U.S. Cordless Phone Market Shares                 
Table   6.15   U.S. 2.4 GHz Cordless Phone Market Shares         
Table   6.16   Worldwide Forecast For Digital Cameras            
Table   6.17   Worldwide Digital Camera Shares                   
Table   6.18   U.S. Fax Machine Market Forecast                  
Table   6.19   U.S. Fax Machine Market Shares                    
Table   6.20   Worldwide Hearing Aid Market Forecast             
Table   6.21   Worldwide Hearing Aid Market Shares               
Table   6.22   U.S. Integrated Laser/Radar Detector Market Forecast
Table   6.23   Worldwide Audiological Diagnostic Product Market Forecast
Table   6.24   Worldwide Audiological Diagnostic Product Market Shares
Table   6.25   Worldwide Mobile PC Market Forecast               
Table   6.26   Worldwide Notebook Market Shares                  
Table   6.27   Worldwide Smart Appliance Market Forecast         
Table   6.28   U.S. Paging And Messaging Market Forecast         
Table   6.29   U.S. Paging And Messaging Market Shares           
Table   6.30   U.S. And Worldwide PC Forecast Per Population     
Table   6.31   U.S. And Worldwide PC Forecast                    
Table   6.32   Worldwide PC Market Shares                        
Table   6.33   U.S. PC Market Shares                             
Table   6.34   Worldwide PDA Market Forecast                     
Table   6.35   Worldwide PDA Market Shares                       
Table   6.36   Worldwide Smartphone Market Forecast              
Table   6.36   Worldwide Smartphone Market Shares                
Table   6.38   Worldwide Video Camera Market Forecast            
Table   6.39   Worldwide Video Camera Market Shares              
Table   6.40   U.S. Videoconferencing Market Forecast            
Table   6.41   Worldwide Video Conferencing Equipment Market Forecast
Table   6.42   Worldwide Two-Way Radio Market Forecast  


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