Step by Step Introduction to Wave Soldering

Step by Step Introduction to Wave Soldering

Date of Publication: Mar 27, 2012

1 The main menu provides access to all the main sections of the CD-ROM. On completion of any section you will return to this screen to access another section or exit the program. 

2   Each stage of the wave soldering process is covered with individual sections including fluxing, pre-heat, wave solder and conveyorisation. This example shows the fluxing stage explaining all the different fluxing systems, photographs of these systems and, where available, video clips of the operation. 

3   This section is devoted to setting up the process and covers a practical guide to setting process parameters for fluxing, pre-heat and solder wave operation. It covers the set up of spray fluxing and what to expect from the process. 


4  PPM logging is the most common form of defect monitoring used in the industry today. A procedure for monitoring process defects is provided in this section together with detailed step by step calculation of solder joint defects.  

5  An example of one of the data collection forms which are provided as a separate file on this CD-ROM. 

6  It is important to conduct periodic checks on the soldering process. A procedure for each of the process control tests is provided in this section and covers solder analysis, temperature monitoring, conveyor speed checks and solder wave contact assessment. 

7  The defect browser allows access to a range of common defects seen during wave soldering.


Date of Publication:
Mar 27, 2012
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