Telecom and Enterprise Data + API Business Intelligence

Telecom and Enterprise Data + API Business Intelligence

Mind Commerce, Date of Publication: Mar 13, 2013

The term API stands for Application Programming Interface. An application programming interface (API) is a protocol intended to be used as an interface by software components to communicate with each other.

Enterprise API provides users with programmatic access to collect, import, export and run reports on data. Enterprise API’s provide access to various corporate data for use in a variety of applications.

Similar to Enterprise APIs, telephony API’s (telecom API) enables data dissemination to third parties over a defined interface, protocols, and procedures. However, telecom networks inherently contain a lot of data for and about their users, devices, usage, behaviors, status, and configuration. Telecom Network APIs capitalize on existing network infrastructure to create a vast array of business opportunities for carriers worldwide.

Taken together, Enterprise and Telecom APIs enable a variety of new and unique business models, including carrier/enterprise branded application stores, mashups, two sided business models, and developer communities.

There is an API Marketplace powered by companies such as mashape and Mulesoft that act as broker between API companies, data sources, and developers to facilitate the development of many new and innovative applications and services.

The service also addresses the following key topics related to the API ecosystem:

  • Data as a Service (DaaS)
  • Unstructured Data (Big Data)
  • Evolution of the data economy

Telecom and Enterprise API Business Intelligence is an annual subscription service that provides research, analysis, and advisory services that address a wide range of topics within the API arena including companies, solutions, business models, forecasts, future outlook, applications and services. The service includes research reports as well as customized reports, and consultation.

Target Audience:

  • API Aggregators
  • Investment Firms
  • Application Developers
  • Mobile Device Vendors
  • Mobile Network Carriers
  • Service Bureau Companies
  • Wireless Infrastructure Vendors
  • Telecom Managed Service Providers


Currently Available Reports:

Subscriber Data Management with LTE and Beyond: Opportunities and Forecast 2012 - 2017
Telecom Network API Marketplace: Strategy, Ecosystem, Players and Forecasts 2013 – 2018
Telephony Application Programmer Interface (API): Ecosystem, Value-chain, Business Models and Market Opportunities
Big Data Leaders: Accenture, CSC Fujitsu, HP, Informatica, Mu Sigma, Opera Solutions, Oracle, and Tata Consultancy Services
Big Data in Manufacturing: Market Analysis, Case Studies, and Forecasts 2014-2019
Big Data in ICT and Telecom: Transforming Industry Verticals 2013 – 2018
Big Data in Financial Services Industry: Market Trends, Challenges, and Prospects 2013 – 2018
Big Data Impacts on Telecom Business
Big Data vs. Small Data Strategies for Next Generation Business
Big Data and Analytics in Government: Current Status and Future Prospects
Mobile Identity Infrastructure, Applications, and Services 2014 – 2019
Big Data Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions for Industry Verticals
Capturing Big Data in Social and Detection Systems: Opportunities and Challenges 2013 – 2019
Telecom Industry Analytics: Company Analysis and Solutions
Big Data in Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Big Data in Retail
Big Data in Healthcare
Artificial Intelligence in Big Data, Commercial Apps, Mobility and Search
Global Technology Trends Report: Big Data and Extreme Info Processing


Date of Publication:
Mar 13, 2013
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