Test and Measurement Instruments

Date of Publication: Aug 21, 2019
The global market for terahertz (THz) radiation devices and systems totaled $58.2 million in 2018. The market should reach $908.6 million in 2024 and $3.5 billion by 2029, growing at compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) of 72.7% and 31.1% from 2019 to 2024 and 2024 to 2029, respectively.

Date of Publication: Mar 29, 2019
This research report presents an in-depth analysis of the electron microscopes market by products, revenues, markets and companies. This report includes electron microscopes used in semiconductors, materials and nanomaterials research, manufacturing and process industries, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, clinical and diagnostic, and other industries.

Date of Publication: Dec 1, 2015

The optical systems and nondestructive testing systems for inspection and maintenance market is segmented into categories as follows:

  • By metrology solutions: Three-dimension (3D) coordinate measuring, automated optical metrology, 3D scanners, material and component testing, large-scale capability maturity model (CMM), static deformation, tactile measurement, digital image correlation, sheet-metal forming and others.
  • By product type: Advanced nondestructive technology (NDT) solutions, flaw detectors, integrated inspection solutions, thickness gages, microscope solutions, videoscopes and beroscopes, X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) analyzers and others.
  • By instrument: Autocollimator, optical flats, telescope, interferometer, light source and others.
  • By industry: Semiconductor and electronics, automobile, textile, oil and gas, mining, power, chemicals, construction, aerospace and others.
  • By region: North America (United States, Canada and Mexico). Europe (United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and rest of Europe), Asia-Pacific (India, China, Japan, South Korea and rest of Asia-Pacific) and Rest of World (RoW) (the Middle East, Africa and Latin America which includes central and South America).

Date of Publication: May 22, 2014
The only available market research study devoted to Military and Aerospace Fiber Optics in Avionic Systems! This report includes both military and...

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Date of Publication: May 22, 2014
The military market for fiber optics components, subsystems, and systems is just starting to take off according to a newly updated series of reports. The military and aerospace budgets continue to remain relatively strong despite the sequestration and cutbacks in major programs. In addition to the military market, there is developing an equally large market for fiber optics in large commercial aircraft, regional jets, private jets, helicopters, and small aircraft of all types. The complete infrastructure of installation, maintenance, retrofits, etc. has yet to be developed by the major carriers for fiber optics. Much of the commercial needs will be drawn from the military market but special requirements such an Inflight Entertainment Systems (IFE), Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) and many others will have to be developed at a much lower cost than for military and aerospace systems.

Date of Publication: Jun 17, 2014
This report will take a 10-year look at the global market growth potential for adaptive optics (AO) systems. The report will also present findings on the...