The Worldwide Passive and Interconnection Component End-User Market Forecast

The Worldwide Passive and Interconnection Component End-User Market Forecast

Decision, Date of Publication: Jun 20, 2012


This is the Twelfth edition of a unique product with a precise and very detailed component classification based on the analysis and forecast of the production of the electronics industry. Worldwide report includes 6 regions: Europe, North America, Japan, China, Other Asia-Pacific, Rest of the World.  No split by countries except China and Japan. Passive and Interconnection Component Database covers market data from 2010 to 2015.

You can order a complete database, or customize your region and component groups selection:

- PCBs - printed circuit boards

- Connectors

- Hybrid circuits / MCM

- Switches, keyboards

- Magnetic components

- Capacitors

- Resistors

- Piezo, crystal, filters



The passive & interconnection component market database is based on the component content of the various segments of electronic products. The values in the database are obtained by a thorough, twopronged analysis of the european electronic markets. Market report evaluates the end-product shipments in six major electronic application sectors subdivided into 25 product sub-sectors. Once the end markets have been established and forecasts made, a top-down, input/output methodology is employed to calculate the passive component content of the end-products. This is counter-checked and balanced by an equally comprehensive research programme of the passive component production and shipments subdivided into 34 component categories. The bulk of the research is based on direct interview programmes with component and end-product manufacturers and suppliers.


- The Database is delivered in Excel Spreadsheet format.
- Excel format is a useful solution: you can make your own simulations, estimates or calculations, and you can produce your own graphs and charts.
- You can choose your entry point by component type to find historical data and forecasts.
- Market database with forecast, market data in euros, figures given in excel spreadsheet with a main technological trends.


Sample Table

Database Contents:

PCBs - printed circuit boards

1. Single Sided

2. Double Sided

3. Multi-layer from 4 to 6 layers

4. Multi-layer over 6 layers

5. Flexible, semi-rigid, etc.


1. I/O

1.1 Coaxial

1.2 Circular

1.3 Rectangular

2. Optical

3. PCB

4. Automotive, others (sockets, terminals,...)

Hybrid circuits / MCM

1. MCM-C

2. MCM-L, MCM-D, others MCM

3. Hybrid circuits (power hybrid, opto-hybrid, microwave circuit and SAW, resistive networks, others)

Switches, keyboards

1. Membrane keyboards, panels

2. Other keyboards and panels

3. Switches

Magnetic components

1. Deflection and transformers for CRT

2. Other transformers

3. SMD inductors

4. Toroidal & others inductors

5. Soft ferrites


1. Film

2. Aluminum

3. Tantalum

4. Ceramic

5. Other capacitors


1. Linear

2. Networks

3. Non linear resistors (NTC, PTC, Varistors)

4. Variable

Piezo, crystal and filters

1. Resonators

2. Oscillators

3. Filters, others



Market is given for each component type by application end-user markets:

1. Consumer - audio video

    - Television

    - Set-top boxes

    - DVD

    - Videos & other

2. Data processing

    - Mainframes, servers, workstations

    - PCs

    - Peripherals & other

3. Telecoms

    - Mobile terminals

    - Mobile infrastructure

    - Fixed infrastructure

    - Terminals and others

4. Aerospace & defence

    - Space & avionics

    - Radiocoms, weapon systems & others

5. Automotive

    - Engine control

    - Chassis

    - Instrument panel & Comfort & others

6. Industrial

    - Transportation

    - Power supplies, converters

    - Power distribution

    - Automation and control equipment

    - Medical

    - Instrumentation & others

7. Consumer - household appliances

Date of Publication:
Jun 20, 2012
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