Utility-Scale Renewable Energy Storage - Global Strategic Business Report

Utility-Scale Renewable Energy Storage - Global Strategic Business Report

Global Industry Analysts, Date of Publication: Apr 25, 2013, 342 Pages

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Utility-Scale Renewable Energy Storage in US$ Million. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Europe, and Rest of World. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2009 through 2018. The report profiles 63 companies including many key and niche players such as A123 Systems, LLC., Altair Nanotechnologies, Inc., American Superconductor Corporation, Axion Power International, Inc., Ballard Power Systems, Inc., Beacon Power, LLC, Encell Technology, Inc., General Compression, Inc., Maxwell Technologies, Inc., NGK Insulators, Ltd., Prudent Energy Corporation, Saft Groupe S.A., Samsung SDI Co., Ltd., and ZBB Energy Corporation. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research.


      Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations         I-1
      Disclaimers   I-2
      Data Interpretation & Reporting Level  I-2
       Quantitative Techniques & Analytics   I-2
      Product Definitions and Scope of Study I-3


      A Prelude     II-1
      Why Renewable Energy Storage Can Be a Game Changer for
       Renewable Energy?       II-1
      The Current State of Energy Storage: An Overview    II-2
      Focus On Energy Efficiency to Drive Market & Technology
       Prospects for Energy Storage          II-3
      Rising Renewable Energy Consumption to Drive Energy Storage
       Market       II-3
       Opportunity Indicator   II-4
        Table 1: World Installed Base of Wind Energy  (In Megawatts)
        by Geographic Region  for Years 2012 & 2017F (includes
        corresponding Graph/Chart)           II-4
      Investments in Energy Storage: The Need of the Hour II-5
      Technology Developments to Drive GrowthII-5
      Increasing Establishment of Solar Microgrids to Spur Growth       II-6
      Growing Deployment of Smart Grids to Drive Demand   II-6
       Opportunity Indicators  II-7
        Table 2: World Market for Smart Grid Technologies (2012):
        Breakdown of Revenues in US$ Million by Geographic Region
        (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-7
      Government Intervention Critical to  the Market’s Growth          II-7
      Ultracapacitor Grid Storage Rises in Popularity & Storage
       Potential    II-7
       Table 3: World Market for Ultracapacitors (2015F): Breakdown
       of Revenues in US$ Million for  the Years 2015 by Geographic
       Region (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)        II-8
      Large Fuel Cells for On-Grid Applications Fuel Growth in the
       Market       II-8
       Table 4: World Market for Fuel Cells (2012):  Percentage
       Breakdown of Dollar Sales by Cell  Type (includes
       corresponding Graph/Chart)            II-9
      Economic Scenario in the U.S & Europe and Its Impact on Their
       Respective Regional Markets           II-9
       Impact of the Fiscal Cliff & Sequestration Cuts on the Energy
        Storage Market in the United States  II-9
       Impact of the European Debt Crisis on the Energy Storage
        Market in Europe       II-10
        Table 5: European Energy Market (2012): Percentage Share
        Breakdown of Energy Production by Category (includes
        corresponding Graph/Chart)           II-11

        Table 6: European Renewable Energy Market (2011): Percentage
        Share Breakdown of  Energy Production by Type (includes
        corresponding Graph/Chart)           II-11
      Market OutlookII-11

      Utility Scale Renewable Energy Storage: A DefinitionII-12
      Types of Renewable Energy Storage Technologies      II-12
       Short-Term Renewable Energy Storage Technologies   II-12
        Supercapacitor Energy Storage        II-12
        Flywheel Energy StorageII-13
        Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage           II-13
       Long-Term Renewable Energy Storage Technologies    II-13
        Pumped Hydroelectric Energy Storage  II-13
        Compressed Air Energy Storage        II-13
        Battery Energy Storage II-14
        Hydrogen Energy StorageII-14
        SWOT Analysis of Different Long-Term Renewable Energy
         Storage Technologies  II-14
      Significance of Renewable Energy Storage            II-15
       Minimizing Energy Costs II-15
       Ensuring Reliable Supply of Energy    II-15
       Increasing Energy Autonomy            II-15
      Renewable Energy: A Primer             II-16
       An Introduction         II-16
       Renewable Energy: A Definition        II-16
       Benefits of Renewable Energy          II-16
        Environmental Benefits II-16
        Economic Benefits      II-17
        Energy Security        II-17
       Sources of Renewable Energy           II-17
        Solar EnergyII-17
         Power Tower Systems   II-17
         Parabolic-Trough Systems            II-17
         Dish/Engine Systems   II-18
        Wind Energy II-18
        Geothermal Energy      II-18
         Binary Cycle Power Plants           II-18
         Flash Steam Power Plants            II-18
         Dry Steam Power PlantsII-18
        Hydroelectric Power    II-19
        Bioenergy   II-19
        Hydrogen and Fuel CellsII-19
        Ocean EnergyII-20
         Ocean Mechanical Energy             II-20
         Ocean Thermal Energy  II-20
       Disadvantages of Renewable Energy     II-20
        Disadvantages of Solar Energy        II-20
        Disadvantages of Wind Energy         II-20
        Disadvantages of Geothermal Energy   II-20
        Disadvantages of Hydroelectric EnergyII-21
        Disadvantages of Ocean Energy        II-21

      AllCell Technologies Introduces Lithium-ion Modules II-22
      S&C Electric Deploys PureWave Storage Management System           II-22
      Sunverge Energy Introduces Intelligent System for Energy
       Management   II-22
      Powin to Roll Out Energy Storage Solution           II-22
      Power-One Introduces AURORA Vision     II-23

      Wanxiang America Corporation Acquires A123 Systems  II-24
      Westinghouse Solar Signs Definitive Merger  Agreement with CBD
       Energy       II-24
      W2 Energy Inks LoI to Take Over Majority Stake  in Artic Solar
       Engineering  II-24
      Altair Nanotechnologies Signs Economic Cooperation Agreement
       with Wu'an and Handan Cities          II-25
      Phostech Lithium Establishes Battery Materials  Production
       Facility in Quebec      II-25
      TAM Ceramics and ENrG Receive Grants from  NYSERDA for Clean
       Energy Power Systems    II-26
      Arista Power Obtains Contract from US Army  for Development of
       Intelligent Micro-Grid  II-26
      Woodward Inks Definitive Agreement to Purchase  Integral Drive
       Systems      II-26
      Surrette Battery Company to Retail Lithium-Polymer Batteries
       of Corvus Energy        II-27
      Electrovaya Obtains Contract to Develop Battery  Energy
       Storage System          II-27
      C&D Technologies Receives Renewable Energy  System Development
       Contract from US Army   II-27
      McPhy Energy Bags Order from Nottingham University to Supply
       Solid Hydrogen Storage Solution       II-28
      BrightSource Energy Adds SolarPlus Thermal Energy Storage
       Capability to Purchase Agreements with  Southern California
        Edison      II-28
      City of Herten Chooses Hydrogenics for  Wind-Hydrogen Energy
       Storage Solution        II-28
      WindTamer Secures Order from PGM for Power  on Demand Systems     II-29
      Arista Power Secures Order from FBI Audio Technology
       Deployment Unit Power Sources Program II-29
      Arista Power Obtains Order for Power of Demand  System from
       Senfry Group II-29
      Progress Energy Selects IBM for Smart Grid Program  II-30
      Phillips Service Industries Takes Over Flywheel Manufacturing
       Business of Pentadyne   II-30
      Southern California Edison Receives Stimulus Grant from US
       Department of Energy    II-30
      Axion Power International Obtains Grant from Pennsylvania State   II-30
      HNU Energy Collaborates with International Battery for Solar
       Power ProjectII-31
      Suniva Collaborates with GS Battery    II-31
      SANYO Electric Group Inks Agreement with University of California II-31
      Xcel Energy Releases Preliminary Test Results for Battery-
       Storage Technology      II-32

      A123 Systems, LLC. (USA) II-33
      Altair Nanotechnologies, Inc. (USA)    II-33
      American Superconductor Corporation (USA)           II-33
      Axion Power International, Inc. (USA)  II-34
      Ballard Power Systems, Inc. (Canada)   II-34
      Beacon Power, LLC (USA)  II-35
      Encell Technology, Inc. (USA)          II-35
      General Compression, Inc. (USA)        II-35
      Maxwell Technologies, Inc. (USA)       II-35
      NGK Insulators, Ltd. (Japan)           II-36
      Prudent Energy Corporation (USA)       II-36
      Saft Groupe S.A. (France)II-36
      Samsung SDI Co., Ltd. (South Korea)    II-37
      ZBB Energy Corporation (USA)           II-37

      Table 7: World Recent Past, Current and Future Analysis for
      Utility-Scale Renewable Energy  Storage Technologies by
      Geographic Region -  US, Europe, and Rest of World Markets
      Independently Analyzed with Annual Sales  in US$ Million for
      Years 2009 through 2018  (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)     II-38

      Table 8: World 10-Year Perspective for Utility-Scale Renewable
      Energy Storage Technologies by  Geographic Region - Percentage
      Breakdown  of Dollar Sales for US, Europe, and Rest of World
      Markets for Years 2009, 2012, and 2018  (includes
      corresponding Graph/Chart)             II-39


  1. THE UNITED STATES         III-1
      A.Market Analysis        III-1
        Outlook     III-1
        Product Launches       III-1
        Strategic Corporate Developments     III-3
        Key Players III-11
      B.Market Analytics       III-15
        Table 9: US Recent Past, Current and Future  Analysis for
        Utility-Scale Renewable Energy  Storage Technologies with
        Annual Sales  in US$ Million for Years 2009 through 2018
        (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-15

  2. EUROPE         III-16
      A.Market Analysis        III-16
        Outlook     III-16
        Strategic Corporate Developments     III-16
        Saft Groupe S.A. (France) - A Key Player          III-17
      B.Market Analytics       III-18
        Table 10: European Recent Past, Current and  Future Analysis
        for Utility-Scale Renewable  Energy Storage Technologies
        with Annual  Sales in US$ Million for Years 2009 through
        2018 (includes corresponding  Graph/Chart)        III-18

      A.Market Analysis        III-19
        Outlook     III-19
        Strategic Corporate Developments     III-19
        Key Players III-21
      B.Market Analytics       III-22
        Table 11: Rest of World Recent Past, Current and Future
        Analysis for Utility-Scale Renewable  Energy Storage
        Technologies with Annual  Sales in US$ Million for Years
        2009 through  2018 (includes corresponding  Graph/Chart)        III-22


     Total Companies Profiled: 63 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries - 64)

     The United States (42)
     Canada (5)
     Japan (3)
     Europe (11)
     - France (4)
     - Germany (1)
     - The United Kingdom (1)
     - Italy (2)
     - Rest of Europe (3)
     Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) (3)


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