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Date of Publication: Aug 30, 2013
DVD-78C is designed for ESD control for electronics assembly operators and reinforces best-industry practices, and helps to eliminate scrap...

Date of Publication: Mar 20, 2013
DVD-91C stresses the importance of avoiding unnecessary rework and shows how a cosmetic fix can create more problems than it solves, such as damage...

Date of Publication: Mar 19, 2013
DVD-95C explains the practical uses of rework stations for high volume rework, BGAs and ultra fine-pitch QFPs, continues with an examination of...

Date of Publication: Mar 19, 2013
DVD-97CC demonstrates the industry standard eyelet repair procedure for a damaged plated-through hole (without innerlayer connections) as described...

Date of Publication: Dec 16, 2014
The Seven Sins of Wire Harness Assembly focuses on the most common problems that typically go wrong during the wire harness assembly process -- and provides information on how to rectify each transgression. The "Seven Sins" include improper wire preparation, incorrect harness layout, improper labeling, crimping defects, soldering defects, missing/incorrect hardware and improper tying.

Date of Publication: Mar 20, 2012
DVD-61C illustrates best industry practices for splicing wires — including soldered splices, crimped splices and ultrasonic welding. Wire...

Date of Publication: Dec 31, 1969
The DVD-65C helps to train and certify the operators in fiber optic cable assembly. Chapter 1 provides a visual introduction to fiber optic cable,...