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Date of Publication: Jul 9, 2015
DVD-51C provides an in-depth look at the adhesive application process for surface mount component attachment prior to wave soldering and begins with an introduction to two methods of adhesive application dispensing and stencil printing  and a discussion of the adhesive itself. This DVD also covers typical set-up procedures, operation, troubleshooting and preventive maintenance for both adhesive dispensing systems and stencil printers. Includes Leader's Guide, Transcript, Test and Answer Key. Certificates of completion are also included for students who pass the Training Certification Exam.

Date of Publication: Jul 9, 2015
Designed to teach ESD Control techniques for people who work on electronic equipment after it's manufactured. OVT-55C is targeted to those highly skilled technicians in service centers and in the field, as well as the IT professionals who work on computers, servers and routers. This educational program explains and demonstrates the physics of ESD, ESD prevention through proper packaging and handling, static producing materials and activities, clothing considerations, personal grounding, ESD safe work areas and ESD field service kits.

Date of Publication: Jul 9, 2015
DVD-57C provides a visual overview of typical stockroom operations for through-hole and surface mount electronics assembly.

Date of Publication: Jul 9, 2015
Demonstrates stripping of insulation off multi-conductor cables, removing insulation from large diameter cables, out of round, and twisted-shielded pairs. Includes multiple-step stripping of coaxial cables, and tough insulation. Reviews typical problems including jam-ups and wire curling. Provides evaluation guidelines for nicks, scrapes, broken strands, insulation damage, frays and reduced insulation thickness. Also covers wire tinning and operator safety. An excellent introduction for new hires. Produced in cooperation with the Wire Harness Manufacturers Association. Includes Leader's Guide, Final Exam and Transcript. Certificates of completion are also included for students who pass the Training Certification test.

Date of Publication: Jul 9, 2015
DVD-68C Lead Free Surface Mount Assembly describes how the conversion to lead free production affects the surface mount assembly process, including solder paste application, verification of lead free components and circuit boards, special precautions for moisture sensitive devices, and the effects of higher soldering temperatures on reflow / wave soldering operations and requirements for post solder cleaning.

Date of Publication: Jul 9, 2015
DVD-70C analyzes the typical problems associated with lead free soldering / assembly and provides solutions to the following sins, or bad habits: Cross Contamination, Mishandling Moisture Sensitive Devices, Unnecessary Touch Up and Rework, Lack of Preheating, Excessive Tip Temperature, Insufficient Flux Activity and Warping.

Date of Publication: Jul 11, 2016
A joint collaboration between IPC -- Association Connecting Electronics Industries, and ESDA -- the Electrostatic Discharge Association -- has produced the most up-to-date, technically accurate ESD Control video training currently available to deal with the effects of shrinking geometries, increased performance requirements and lower operating voltages.