Workforce Training Products Knowledge Center offers access to some of the world's most renowned specialists in academia and industry. Our courses provide a comprehensive education for new employees, cross-training for your existing workforce, or pre-employment training for students entering the electronics industry. You can train, test and certify your employees in the fundamentals of semiconductor fabrication, PCB and electronics assembly. Give your employees access to the knowledge they need to advance their careers... provide opportunities for cross-training and self-education with the award-winning IPC Training Library. It's never been more cost-effective to implement a complete curriculum of core assembly knowledge. 

Date of Publication: Jul 9, 2015
DVD-97ABC demonstrates industry-approved repair techniques for electronic assemblies. Each procedure includes damage analysis, repair procedures and evaluation criteria and covers laminate damage repair, rebonding isolated surface mount lands using adhesive bonding film/adhesive-backed replacement lands, and rebonding lifted conductors using liquid epoxy overbond. Also covers conductor replacement with adhesive backed material and liquid epoxy, repairing gaps in conductors, replacing straight and bent conductors, surface mount land/conductor replacement with adhesive-backed material, and solder mask replacement.

Date of Publication: Jul 9, 2015
A dual-language French/English DVD to teach your operators the subtle differences between tin-lead and lead free soldering techniques and inspection criteria. This program is designed to assist operators and soldering technicians to make the lead free transition with knowledge and confidence.

Date of Publication: Jul 9, 2015
Now you can purchase the entire library of IPC electronics assembly training programs on DVD — at a package price that saves your company 50% or more...

Date of Publication: Jul 9, 2015
DVD-SP78C a dual-language, training DVD - perfect for continuing-education/re-certification on ESD control for electronics assembly operators. Reinforces best-industry practices, and helps to eliminate scrap caused by ESD damage.

Date of Publication: Jul 9, 2015
DVD-VN54C dual-language DVD clearly explains all the critical information your operators need to understand in order to control static charge build-ups and prevent costly damage to electronic components and assemblies. It includes: the physics of static electricity, how static charges damage components, grounding, wrist straps - shoe grounding - testing, safe clothing, conductive smocks, ESD-safe work areas, elimination of static generating materials, controlling charge build-ups, activities that create static electricity, and proper handling - storage - transportation of ESD sensitive devices. Award-winning introduction to ESD control. Includes Leader's Guide, Training Certification Exam with Certificates of Completion for students with passing grades and transcript.

Date of Publication: Jul 9, 2015
EDU-104 is a seven DVD set -- at 31% cost savings off individual DVD list prices. This DVD training course is designed to provide a high level of assembly knowledge for your workforce. It is also an invaluable tool for cross-training--to help insure that every employee has a thorough understanding of their effect on end-product quality.

Date of Publication: Jul 8, 2015
The Seven Sins of Surface Mount Assembly This DVD training program provides the perfect opportunity for departments to review and discuss how they...

Date of Publication: Jul 6, 2015
DVD-56C provides a visual introduction to the wire harness manufacturing process for new hires and explains the basic functions of the board, components and wire harness. This DVD also clearly demonstrates the entire fabrication process, including: drawings and specification review; wire preparation (cutting, stripping and tinning); shaping the harness; wire termination processes (soldering and crimping); tying the harness; inspection, testing, and quality assurance standards; shipping; installation and safety considerations. Produced in cooperation with the Wire Harness Manufacturers Association.