Thin Film and Printed Battery (TFB) Market Opportunities

Thin, Flexible and Printed Battery Market Will Increase To Over $300m By 2024

Form factor is becoming a major driver shaping innovation and transforming the energy storage industry globally. This is fueled by the emergence of new market categories such as wearable electronic devices and Internet of Things, which demand thinness and flexibility. These new market categories will help the market for thin and flexible batteries reach $300 million in 2024.

Thin, flexible or printed batteries have commercially existed for more than ten years. Traditionally, the micro-power thin and printed batteries were used in skin patches, RFID tags and smart cards. Today, however, the composition of the target market is undergoing drastic change driven by the emergence of new addressable market categories. This trend has enticed many large players to enter the foray, starting to transform a business landscape that was once populated predominantly by small firms.

The change in target markets is inevitably driving change in the technology landscape too. This means that the market in 2024 will look vastly different from that in 2014, both on the technology and market level. Technology and markets that are major contributes today will have a small role to play, while new segments and technology will grow to dominate this sector.

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