Infineon SP37 TPM Sensor Technology Analysis

The latest generation of Infineon‘s TPMS, the SP37, is a highly integrated TPM sensor which embeds measurement of pressure and radial acceleration (2 DoF) with a low-power microcontroller, a LF receiver and an RF transmitter in a system in package integrating only two dies. This high integration of functions allows to build a complete system with few external components and thus enable system cost savings.

The SP37 inherits its MEMS technology from the acquisition of the Norwegian Sensonor in 2003. Therefore, highly reliable measurements in harsh environments are possible by the use of the mature and low-cost triple stack hermetic wafer bonding technology in combination with buried piezoresistors and conductors.

The SP37 is assembled in a Small Outline 14-pin package and operates under a temperature range of -40 to +125°C.

This report will provide a complete teardown of the TPMS with:

  • Detailed photos
  • Material analysis
  • Schematic assembly description
  • Manufacturing Process Flow
  • In-depth manufacturing cost analysis
  • Supply chain evaluation
  • Selling price estimation

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Infineon Company Profile

Physical Analysis

Physical Analysis Methodology

Package Views, Dimensions & Marking
Package X-Ray
Package Opening
Package Cross-Section


View, Dimensions & Marking
Main Blocks
Process Characteristics


View, Dimensions & Marking
Bond Pad Opening & Bond Pad
Cap Removed
Sensing Area
Accelerometer Cross-Section
Pressure Sensor Cross-Section

Manufacturing Process Flow

Global Overview
ASIC Front-End Process
ASIC Wafer Fabrication Unit
MEMS Process Flow
MEMS Wafer Fabrication Unit
Packaging Process Flow & Assembly Unit

Cost Analysis

Main steps of economic analysis
Yields Hypotheses
ASIC Front-End Cost
ASIC Back-End 0 : Probe Test & Dicing
ASIC Wafer & Die Cost
MEMS Front-End Cost
MEMS Back-End 0 : Probe Test & Dicing
MEMS Front-End Cost per process steps
MEMS Wafer & Die Cost
Back-End : Packaging Cost
Back-End : Packaging Cost per Process Steps
Back-End : Final Test Cost
Component Cost

Estimated Price Analysis

Infineon Financial Ratios
SP37 Estimated Price

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