West European Electronics Industry Report

Despite the improvement in the final months of the year output for the West European electronics industry in 2013 is estimated to have declined by 3.1% before showing modest growth of 1.1% in 2014. The outlook however, has significant downside risks. If the situation in the Crimea escalates it could delay the recovery in the European economy as well as lower the outlook globally. China’s economy has also slowed markedly in the first two months of the year, with growth in investment, retail sales and factory output all falling to multi-year lows, a surprisingly weak performance that raises the possibility of a slowdown in European exports to the world’s second largest economy.

In the period 2015 to 2017, production of electronics equipment, is forecast to show low single-digit growth with the underlying trends of higher growth in the industrial and communications segments being offset by declining output in the computing and consumer segments. The move to re-shore production back to Europe is a growing trend although manufacturers may opt to look at lower cost facilities in Central and Eastern Europe rather than re-locate to sites in Western Europe.

Details of the new report, table of contents and ordering information can be found on Electronics.ca Publications’ web site. View the report: Yearbook of World Electronics Data – Volume 1 2014 West Europe.


2.1. Economic Overview
2.2. Electronics Overview
2.3. Imports 2011-2012
2.4. Exports 2011-2012
2.5. Consolidated Summary of Production 2011
2.6. Consolidated Summary of Production 2012
2.7. Consolidated Summary of Production 2013
2.8. Consolidated Summary of Production 2014
2.9. Summary of EDP Production
2.10. Summary of Control & Instrumentation Production
2.11. Summary of Medical & Industrial Production
2.12. Summary of Radio Communications Production
2.13. Summary of Telecommunications Production
2.14. Summary of Consumer Production (Value)
2.15. Summary of Consumer Production (Units)
2.16. Summary of Components Production
2.17. Summary of Active Component Production
2.18. Summary of Passive Component Production
2.19. Summary of Other Component Production
2.20. West Europe Total Production
2.21. Consolidated Summary of Markets 2011
2.22. Consolidated Summary of Markets 2012
2.23. Consolidated Summary of Markets 2013
2.24. Consolidated Summary of Markets 2014
2.25. Consolidated Summary of Markets 2015
2.26. Consolidated Summary of Markets 2016
2.27. Consolidated Summary of Markets 2017
2.28. Summary of EDP Markets
2.29. Summary of Office Equipment Markets – by Product
2.30. Summary of Medical & Industrial Markets
2.31. Summary of Radio Communications Markets
2.32. Summary of Telecommunications Markets
2.33. Summary of Consumer Markets (Value)
2.34. Summary of Consumer Markets (Units)
2.35. Summary of Components Markets
2.36. Summary of Active Component Markets
2.37. Summary of Passive Component Markets
2.38. Summary of Other Component Markets
2.39. West Europe Total Markets

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