August 21, 2014

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Electric Boats, Small Submarines and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) 2014-2024

Marine electric vehicles are now a rapidly growing market due to new capability, affordability and legislation banning or restricting internal combustion engines. Our research finds that the market for electric water craft, including those on and under water, will increase rapidly from $2.6 billion in 2013 to $7.3 billion in 2024. In addition there is a market for electric outboard motors that will more than triple in value as high power pure electric versions become increasingly viable. There is also a new market for water borne electric aircraft. Market Research Report

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Electric UAVs 2014-2024

Thousands of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) will be deployed in the next few years for both civil and military missions. Early adoption of new technologies will be employed: from smart skin to structural components and intelligent motors with integral gearing. Electric power makes the use of wheel power for take-off possible because electric motors can give maximum torque from stationary. It gives us near silent operation, in the air and on the ground, with virtually no noise or gaseous emissions, something valued in both military and civil applications. For long range UAVs where batteries are inadequate and hybrid powertrains are necessary, there can still be silent take-off and landing. Market Research Report

The Global Market For Carbon Nanotubes To 2024

Once the most promising of all nanomaterials, carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are in danger of being usurped in conductive applications by graphene and in composites by nanocellulose. However, CNTs will remain competitive against these materials, and potentially complementary. After considerable research efforts, real products are coming to the market. Transparent conductors, battery additives and transistors represent the most promising markets for CNTs. They are widely viewed as viable candidates as alternatives to ITO in transparent conductors and the main candidate to replace silicon in transistors. Products including CNT TEM grids and CNT touch panels have already been commercialized. CNT yarns and sheets have demonstrated promising performance improvements for applications such as supercapacitors, actuators, and lightweight electromagnetic shields. Market Research Report

Global PV Pricing Outlook 2014

The global PV supply chain has rebounded strongly from the overcapacity-induced lows of 2011 to 2013, with robust demand growth from markets such as China, Japan and the U.S. coming into contact with a fitter, leaner supply chain. With 2014 expected to be the PV market's tightest supply year in nearly half a decade, supply constraints and rising input costs are expected to result in meaningful increases in pricing across the PV value chain. Market Research Report

“MIMO-based Communications Systems” : Technologies, Markets and Applications

Users’ demand for more efficient networking brought to life many technological innovations. One of them is MIMO (multiple input multiple output), which became very popular in wireless systems – almost all recent and future 3GPP standards use (or will be using) variations of such a technique. MIMO also can be used in wireline systems. 

This report is based on the Practel’s analysis of MIMO-based communications systems, their technologies and markets specifics. Particular, the following industry standards that utilize MIMO have been considered:

  • 3GPP LTE
  • IEEE 802.11n
  • IEEE 802.11ac
  • ITU
Market Research Report

Intelligent Transportation Systems: Wireless ICT Markets and Applications

The report stresses the importance of contributions of the following WICT into the ITS development. Detailed analysis of technological and marketing trends is presented as well as comparison with other DSRC types. The survey of major vendors' portfolios is included. It is shown that all major automakers are either experimenting or already incorporated in their V2V and V2I communications this rapidly evolving WICT. The analysis of LTE technologies, their standardizations, market and contributions in ITS are addressed. Market Research Report

Mobile Sensing Wearables - Market Dynamics Report

Sensor-infused and cloud connected wearables are disrupting today's smart devices and will create a $50 billion industry within the next five years. With over 400 unique products, the mobile sensing wearables market tripled in 2013 over the previous year and continues to accelerate with the emergence of new product categories such as smart watches, smart glasses and a range of consumer wearable sensors as well as growing industrial and enterprise solution. Market Research Report

2014 Timing Devices Market Tracker

The timing devices product category includes XO, VCXO, TCXO, and OCXO quartz crystal devices as well as integrated circuits, and MEMs timing device technology.  We do not include ceramic or MHz XTAL or KHz XTAL in this model.  The most influential trend in this market is the transition from applications relying on an XO device to silicon.  In 2014, the CMOS oscillator and MEMs resonator share of the XO market reached a high of 19 percent.  Share is expected to explode to close to 60 percent in the next few years.  This tracker provides forecasts for timing devices by region, application market, and product type.  Market share is also provided. Market Research Report

Sapphire Applications and Market: From LED to Consumer Electronics

The sapphire industry recently ended a long period of depressed pricing and achieved US$936 million in revenue for wafer products in 2013. Recovery was helped by an increase in LED demand due to accelerating adoption in general lighting and a resilient LCD backlight market. But the saving grace was new consumer electronic (CE) applications: camera lens and fingerprint reader covers, mostly driven by Apple in 2013. Adoption at other vendors is progressing at a slower pace than anticipated in 2014. LG even reversed the trend with its flagship cellphone:  its G2 model featured a sapphire lens cover but the G3 uses glass. However, we are optimistic for the mid-term with adoption increasing in Taiwan and China. In addition, new applications such as LED filaments could further increase sapphire consumption.
Market Research Report

3DIC & 2.5D TSV Interconnect for Advanced Packaging - 2014 Business Update

Through Silicon Vias (TSV) technology was adopted in production a few years ago for MEMS and CMOS Image Sensors (CIS). Driven by consumer applications such as smartphones and tablets, this market is expected to continue to grow over the next several years. For high-end memories, 2015 will be the turning point for 3D adoption. Standards have now been established, therefore the industry will be ready to enter in high-volume manufacturing. Wide I/Os and logic-on-logic will follow, most probably around 2016-2017. Emerging applications, such as photonics based on interposer, are also being developed for future products. However, their market entrance is most likely not going to happen before 2019-2020. Figure1 illustrates the market adoption and growth for the next 5 years; additional information and details per application are available in the report (revenue, wspy, units 2013-2019, etc.). Market Research Report

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