32 KHz and Real Time Clocks

32 KHz and Real Time Clocks

Consulting Services & Associates, Date of Publication: Jul 16, 2014, 40 Pages

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Considered a limited focused piece, this is a deep dive into both the 32 KHz references and the Real Time Clocks.

Long a semiconductor category in Power Management under the heading of Supervisory, CS &A has, since 2005, considered both the 32 KHz Reference, Oscillators, and Real Time Clock IC’s as a Semi Timing product category and put it in with other IC Timing solutions under our Semiconductor Clock and Timing Reporting and considered a factor in the ~$7 B USD Semi Timing Market...

The report details; WW TAMs, Supplier listings, product category reporting by volume, device level $ASP, and $revenue roll ups, plus technology reporting and analysis for Quartz, MEMS and Compensated CMOS based solutions. It is the only standalone report and analysis for this segment of Semiconductor Timing available and provides insights from the inside of this key industry segment, and actionable material and information to help guide the reader thru a complicated technology base, a mix of high and low level suppliers, a crowded channel, and key OEM’s consuming high volume for specific applications.

32 KHz standalone references include; standalone resonators-, quartz crystal, MEMS resonators, or implemented as an Oscillator module with closed loop calibration and a compensation loop providing a multitude of solutions in the market today at a variety of levels of performance. Today, the 32 KHz Solution Mix includes XO, TCXO, DCTCXO, and standalone resonators/crystals/CMOS, with standalone Quartz solutions dominant in volume and share, DCTCXO, and simple XO type oscillators have a good SOM, and continue to grow in volume/SOM while experiencing hard $ASP erosion. One new opportunity for these kind of solutions has emerged from the growing Wearable’s Market, and as you can imagine in this application that low power consumption, low voltage tolerant (battery based applications) small form factor, and low price are mission critical items in order to play

This report provides a deep and comprehensive look into both the 32 KHz reference and the Real Time market with all of its sub categories; Simple Commodity, Complex Commodity, Precision, and Fully Integrated solution categories that have emerged to provide a wide swath of solutions from the cheap (pennies and dimes), to as much as $18 USD for fully integrated solutions complete with the resonator, oscillator, dividers, full featured registered sets, on board NVM and scratchpad memory, and the battery and charging circuits.


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Overview and Background 
        Smart Watches
    The Time of Day Function ­ Real Time tracking and display  
        WW Xtal Market Shares - CY2013 
        KHz Actuals and Forecast 
    Xtal Market Shares 
Real Time Clocks
    Characteristics of Real-Time Clock Modules 
        The frequency accuracy of crystal units used in clock applications 
    RTC WW TAM Estimate
    Key Supplier Listing and Levels of Participation
Pricing trends 
        Below we compare modules that use crystal units with MEMS modules
    Differentiation and Segmentation
    RTC sub categories 
        Feature Set Options
        Additional Optional Mixed Signal Blocks 
    Some Clear High Runners Have Emerged 
        Share of Markets 
Software / Firmware Impacts and issues 
        Register Sets 
Keeping Time of Day ­ Pulse Injection 
Power Consumption 
Summary and Forecast 

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Date of Publication:
Jul 16, 2014
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40 Pages
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