Active and Passive Electronic Components


Electronic components market research covers passive electronic components manufacturing and component distribution such as cpacitors, resistors, LEDs, magnetic components and integrated circuits.

Date of Publication: Jun 9, 2015
This study addresses the FY 2015 world market for Inductors, Beads and Cores. This new report represents the results of substantial data collection on the subject of magnetic components. The study addresses why the global market for discrete inductors is outperforming other passive components in 2015 and why this trend is expected to continue. The study also addresses the impact the weak yen and strong dollar is having on the current market. 

Date of Publication: Jun 30, 2015
High-density packaging offer a host of benefits including performance improvements such as shorter interconnect lengths between die, resulting in reduced time of flight, lower power supply inductance, lower capacitance loading, less cross talk and lower off-chip driver power. This report examines and projects the technologies involved, their likely developments, what problems and choices are facing users, and where the opportunities and pitfalls are. The worldwide markets are analyzed and projected.

Date of Publication: Feb 17, 2014
ESD Suppression Components Markets, Technologies & Opportunities This new report takes a detailed look at the global market for the electronic...

Date of Publication: Jun 22, 2015
Global Ceramic Capacitors Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2015-2020 The new market research report addresses the $10 billion global market for...

Date of Publication: Jun 28, 2015
This research report presents shipment value forecast and recent quarter review of the Taiwanese IC packaging and testing industry. Companies surveyed in this research are contract manufacturers focusing on IC packaging and testing for IC suppliers around the world.

Date of Publication: Jan 13, 2015
PTC Thermistors: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2015-2019  This report addresses the global market for PTC thermistors in both...

Date of Publication: Jun 16, 2015
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Electronic Components in US$ Million by the following Product Segments: Resistors (Semi-Fixed Variable, Carbon Variable, Other Variable, Carbon Film Fixed, Metal Film Fixed, Metal Oxide Film Fixed, Wire Wound Fixed, Network Resistors, Chip Resistors, & Other Fixed), Capacitors (Variable, Aluminum Electrolytic Fix, Tantalum Electrolytic Fixed, Ceramic Fixed, Organic Film Fixed, Metallized Organic Film & Other Fixed), Transformers (RFTS & IFTS, Audio Frequency, Power, High Frequency Power, High Voltage, Flyback, Deflection Yokes, & Other), Resonators, Connectors (PCB Connectors, Rectangular I/O Connectors, Circular Connectors, RF Coaxial Connectors, & Other Connectors), Relays (Electromechanical Relays (EMRs), & Solid State Relays (SSRs)), Switches (Toggle, Slide, Rotary, Keyboard, & Other Switches), and Printed Wiring Boards (Single Sided Rigid, Double Sided Rigid, Multilayer Rigid, & Flexible). The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Rest of World.