Applied Materials: Competing for World Dominance

Applied Materials: Competing for World Dominance

Information Network, Date of Publication: Jun 29, 2020, 179 Pages

Applied Materials: Competing for World Dominance

Applied Materials has achieved a dominant position in the semiconductor equipment market by focusing on a global presence, a broad and expanding product line, and exacting customer support -- a strategy initiated in the mid-80s. In the '90s, most of its competitors had recognized that to be competitive with Applied Materials, they too must duplicate these tactics.

This report discusses the current strategies of Applied Materials as it competes for world dominance.  Strategies of its principal competitors are also analyzed.  Markets are analyzed and projected, and market shares for Applied Materials and its competitors are detailed.

Applied Materials: Competing for World Dominance

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Applied's Strategies

2.1. Market Strategies
2.1.1. Driving Demand for Processing Equipment
2.1.2. A Global Presence
2.1.3. Meeting Customer Needs
2.1.4. New CEO's Strategy
2.2. Business Strategies
2.2.1. Silicon Systems Group
2.2.2. Applied Global Services
2.2.3. Display
2.2.4. Energy and Environmental Solutions
2.3. Technology Strategies
2.4. Product Strategies
2.4.1. Platforms
2.4.2. Etch
2.4.3. Deposition
2.4.4. RTP
2.4.5. CMP
2.4.6. Metrology and Inspection
2.4.7. Lithography
2.4.8. Copper Products
2.4.9. Ion Implantation
2.5. Acquisition Strategies
2.6. Legal Strategies
2.7. Financial Analysis

Chapter 3. Market Forecast

3.1. Market Drivers
3.1.1. Semiconductor Market
3.1.2. Technical Trends
3.1.3. Economic Trends
3.2. Applied Materials - Global Market Leader
3.3. Market Size and Market Shares
3.3.1. Chemical Vapor Deposition
3.3.2. Physical Vapor Deposition
3.3.3. Dry Etch
3.3.4. Rapid Thermal Processing
3.3.5. Silicon Epitaxy
3.3.6. Chemical Mechanical Planarization
3.3.7. Metrology and Inspection

Chapter 4. Competitive Environment

4.1. Introduction
4.2. Lam Research
4.2.1. Strategies
4.2.2. Products
4.2.3. Financial Analysis
4.3. Tokyo Electron Limited
4.3.1. Strategies
4.3.2. Products
4.3.3. Financial Analysis
4.4. KLA-Tencor
4.4.1. Strategies
4.4.2. Products
4.4.3. Financial Analysis
4.5. ASM International
4.5.1. Strategies
4.5.2. Products
4.5.3. Financial Analysis

List Of Tables

3.1. Worldwide Capital Spending
3.2. Top Semiconductor Equipment Revenues
3.3. Worldwide CVD Market Forecast
3.4. Worldwide CVD Market Shares
3.5. Worldwide PVD Market Forecast
3.6. Worldwide PVD Market Shares
3.7. Worldwide Dry Etch Market Forecast
3.8. Worldwide Dry Etch Market Shares
3.9. Worldwide RTP Market Forecast
3.10. Worldwide RTP Market Shares
3.11. Worldwide Silicon Epitaxy Market Forecast
3.12. Worldwide Silicon Epitaxy Market Shares
3.13. Worldwide CMP Market Forecast
3.14. Worldwide CMP Market Shares
3.15. Worldwide M&I Market Forecast
3.16. Worldwide M&I Market Shares

List Of Figures

3.1. Worldwide CVD Market Shares
3.2. Worldwide PVD Market Shares
3.3. Worldwide Dry Etch Market Shares
3.4. Worldwide RTP Market Shares
3.5. Worldwide Silicon Epitaxy Market Shares
3.6. Worldwide CMP Market Shares
3.7. Worldwide M&I Market Shares

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Jun 29, 2020
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