Global Automotive LED Lighting Technology Trend and Market Forecast

Global Automotive LED Lighting Technology Trend and Market Forecast 2012-202

SNE, Date of Publication: Jul 17, 2014, 141 Pages

Recently auto makers have been adopting various LED lighting systems that can combine up-to-date functions with aesthetic factors.  Although LED lamps that have been applied to high-end car models such as Audi and BMW so far, they are rapidly making inroads into lower-end models as well.  Especially, as DRLs (Daytime Running Lights) are made compulsory in Europe from 2011, the automotive LED market is growing rapidly. 

As LEDs made an entry into the biggest headlamp market in 2007, LEDs are expected to be used in place of incumbent lighting systems.  Although LED headlamps are currently used in high-end car models, they will be increasingly adopted in lower-end models as well with increasing efficiency and decreasing prices of LEDs. 

LEDs are eco-friendly light sources that match the current green trends, meeting customers??needs for high fuel efficiency.  Since LEDs provide high power efficiency, they can contribute to improving fuel efficiency, reducing power consumption compared with halogen lamps.  For instance, a LED lamp consumes only 1/10 of electricity consumed by an incandescent lamp. In this context, EU has officially recognized LED head lamps as an energy-efficient technology.  Using LED low beams can reduce CO2 emission by 2.1g/km.  In addition, with the growing trend toward energy saving/environmental protection, halogen lamps and HID are expected to be phased out, and LED lighting is expected to see further market penetration.

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the automotive LED lighting industry as well as market trends from 2012 to 2020 and technical backgrounds.  This report is expected to be a useful guideline for both incumbent LED lighting and auto parts companies and start-ups considering a market entry. 

This report includes

- Analysis of the automotive lighting industry and the technology trend in the automotive lighting LED technology
- Technology overview and issues in the automotive LED industry 
- Automotive LED lighting certification criteria and reliability evaluation methods 
- Global automotive LED lighting market forecast (2012~2020)
- Automotive market analysis and forecast by type 
- Trend in major automotive LED lighting companies.


1. Automotive Lighting Overview 
   1.1. Automotive Lighting Type 
   1.2. History in Automotive Lighting Industry

2. Automotive LED Lighting Technology 
   2.1  Automotive LED Lighting Technology Development Trend 
      2.1.1 Overall Trend  
      2.1.2 Competitiveness Strategy
   2.2 Automotive  LED Lighting Technology Overview
      2.2.1 Head Lamp
      2.2.2 New LED Head Lamp Technology 
      2.2.3 DRL (Daytime Running Lights) 
      2.2.4 Rear Combination Lamp (RCL)
      2.2.5 Center High Mount Stop Lamp (CHMSL)
      2.2.6 Car Interior Lamp
      2.2.7 Laser Head Lamp
      2.2.8 Other LED Lighting 
   2.3 Automotive LED Lighting Issue
   2.4 Automotive LED Lighting Certification Criteria and Reliability Evaluation Method     
      2.4.1 Automotive Lighting Criteria and Method 
      2.4.2 Reliability Evaluation Method    

3. Automotive LED Lighting Market forecast (2012~2020) 
   3.1 Global LED Market Trend and Forecast 
      3.1.1 LED Market Trend 
      3.1.2 LED Lighting Market Trend 
      3.1.3 Global LED Lighting Market Trend (2010~2020) 
   3.2 Automotive LED Lighting Market Trend (2012~2020)
      3.2.1 Global Automotive Market Trend  
      3.2.2 Automotive LED Lighting Market Drivers
      3.2.3 Automotive LED Market Forecast (2012~2020)
             - Automotive LED Lighting Market Penetration Forecast  
             - Automotive LED Lighting Market Forecast (Revenue/unit) 
             - Automotive LED Headlamp Market Forecast
             - Automotive LED DRL Lamp Market Forecast
             - Automotive LED RCL Lamp Market Forecast
             - Automotive LED Interior Lighting Market Forecast
             - Automotive LED CHMSL Market Forecast

4. Trend in Major Automotive LED Lighting Companies 
   4.1 Major Trend
   4.2 Trend in Major Companies (LED light source and lamp companies)
      4.2.1 Hella 
      4.2.2 Valeo 
      4.2.3 Koito Manufacturing 
      4.2.4 Stanley Electronic 
      4.2.5 SL
      4.2.6 Automotive Lighting 
      4.2.7 Osram 
      4.2.8 Philips

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