Date of Publication: Jan 13, 2015
PTC Thermistors: World Markets, Technologies & Opportunities: 2015-2019  This report addresses the global market for PTC thermistors in both...

Date of Publication: May 20, 2015
This market, technologies & opportunities report provides an in-depth analysis of value-added and application specific ceramic capacitor world markets, including high voltage ceramic capacitors, high frequency ceramic capacitor, high temperature ceramic capacitors; ceramic feed thru capacitors; ceramic safety capacitors (X&Y) and automotive under-the-hood ceramic capacitors for applications in specialty segments of the power conversion, telecom infrastructure, medical test & scan, medical implant, defense, oil & gas, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, specialty lighting and automotive market segments.

Date of Publication: Feb 4, 2015

This report provides an updated review of supercapacitor technology, including materials and production processes, and identifies current and emerging applications for this technology. This report delineates the current market status for supercapacitors, defines trends and presents growth forecasts for the next five years. The EDLC market is analyzed based on the following segments: device type, application and region. In addition, technological issues, including key events and the latest process developments, are also discussed.

Date of Publication: Apr 6, 2016
Electrical Double-Layer Capacitors: Applications and Global Markets This report provides: An overview of the global markets for electrical...

Date of Publication: Jun 5, 2014

The report focuses on the following aspects:

  • Supply, demand, market size, market structure and competition pattern of the global aluminum electrolytic capacitor market, as well as forecast for the development in the next three years;
  • Supply, demand, import, export, competition pattern and market size of China aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry, and prediction for the development in the next three years;
  • Global and Chinese electrode foil market size, competition, etc.;
  • Operation of 9 global and Chinese electrode foil enterprises (including JCC, KDK, and Xinjiang Joinworld) and their development in China;
  • Operation and aluminum electrolytic capacitor business of 13 global and Chinese aluminum electrolytic capacitor companies (including Aihua Group, Man Yue Group, Jianghai Capacitor).

Date of Publication: Feb 17, 2014
This study analyzes the dynamic global market for high capacitance base metal electrode multilayered ceramic chip capacitors (MLCC). This study, which updates the 2000 and 2005 market studies of the same name, addresses the global market for MLCC with capacitance values from 2.2 microfarad to 330 microfarad for FY 2014. The study addresses the rapidly expanding value and volume of consumption for high capacitance BME MLCC and the raw materials consumed in its production. The detailed study addresses average unit pricing trends and directions; consumption by world region, production by country, consumption by end-use market segment, market shares and forecasts for consumption to 2019.

Date of Publication: Jan 16, 2014

This market research report covers solid and liquid conductive polymer capacitor markets, technologies and opportunities with forecasts to 2019. The study includes the global markets for solid polymer molded chip tantalum, solid polymer molded chip aluminum (H-Chip), solid and liquid polymer vertical chip (V-Chip) aluminum electrolytic and liquid polymer radial leaded aluminum electrolytic capacitors worldwide. The study includes the value and volume of demand for conductive polymer capacitors by type and configuration as well as pricing for conductive polymer capacitors by type and configuration with value, volume and pricing forecasts to 2019.