Market research reports available in this category cover telecom components, telecommunications equipments, communications ICs, and wireless ICs. Comprehensive analysis, technological developments and new opportunities are included in the reports.

Date of Publication: Mar 19, 2015
First Responders: In-building Communications and Localization - Technologies and Markets This report addresses specifics of wireless communications and...

Date of Publication: Mar 17, 2015
Global Connected Consumer Devices in Vehicles: Market Analysis and Forecasts  2015 - 2020 A connected consumer device consists of physical and...

Date of Publication: Mar 16, 2015
A connected consumer device consists of physical and software for various purposes including entertainment, news, information, and general lifestyle...

Date of Publication: Feb 4, 2015
Wearable gaming represents an emerging entrant into the digital entertainment market that is best defined from a mobile gaming perspective. Non-wearable mobile gaming is played on various wireless devices (smartphones, tablets, phablets, etc.), which have limited interface capabilities compared to desktop, laptop, or console gaming. In many ways, wearable technology causes even more limitations, but also opens the door to new levels of interactivity and personal gaming intimacy.

Date of Publication: Mar 9, 2015
The global free–space optical communications market was valued at $41.9 million in 2013 and $59.2 million in 2014. This market is expected to reach...

Date of Publication: Feb 23, 2015
FDD still remains the prevalent standard for LTE deployment as a natural progression path for GSM, W-CDMA and CDMA network operators. However, unpaired TDD...

Date of Publication: Feb 21, 2014
Short-range Wireless Communications Technologies and Their Applications in Smart Healthcare The rapid development of wireless communications and...