Market research reports available in this category cover telecom components, telecommunications equipments, communications ICs, and wireless ICs. Comprehensive analysis, technological developments and new opportunities are included in the reports.

Date of Publication: Jan 13, 2015
LTE has been a driver for major investment for wireless carriers. However, much of the investment is in core network infrastructure that will be used...

Date of Publication: Jan 7, 2015
This report addresses recent advances in small cells (SCs) and their backhaul solutions. It reflects a trend in the mobile industry to reduce macro base...

Date of Publication: Dec 11, 2014
Global and China Mobile Phone Display Industry Report, 2014-2015 focuses on the following: Overview of TFT-LCD TFT-LCD industry chain LCD...

Date of Publication: Mar 12, 2014
Nanosatellite and Microsatellite Market [Geographic Information system, Payload, Space Science, Satellite Communication, Satellite Imagery, Remote Sensing,...

Date of Publication: Dec 4, 2014
This research report presents market size and value forecast and recent quarter review of the Taiwanese smartphone baseband, transceiver, power amplifier, application processor, GPS IC, Bluetooth IC, and Wi-Fi IC markets. The report includes baseband, transceiver, power amplifier, application processor, GPS IC, Bluetooth IC, and Wi-Fi IC market volume, value, ASP, and market share by solution provider. The content of this report is based on primary data obtained through interviews with smartphone component makers

Date of Publication: Feb 27, 2013
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Software Defined Radio (SDR) in US$ Million. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US,...

Date of Publication: May 7, 2014
This report provides the Sub-1GHz communications technologies and markets analysis and assessments; it concentrates on the recent developmental trends in...