Component Identification Training and Reference Guide

IPC-DRM-18H Component Identification Training and Reference Guide

IPC, Date of Publication: Dec 18, 2012

The Component Identification Training & Reference Guide is a valuable tool for employee training and quick reference. This comprehensive component identification resource for electronics assembly operators and inspectors contains color photographs, computer graphics, schematic symbols and detailed descriptions of more than 50 common through-hole and surface mount components used in electronics assembly today.

The new Revision H contains updated information on small shrink outline package (SSOP), thin small outline package (TSOP), quad flat pack (QFP), low-profile quad flat pack (LQFP), plastic quad flat package (PQFP), leadless chip carrier (LCC), quad flat no-lead (QFN), and ball grid array (BGA)-related packages, including all the variations within those groups. New components include dual flat no-lead (DFN), quad flat no-lead (QFN) multi-row, package on package (PoP), chip scale package (CSP), chip on board (COB), bare die, and flip chip. In addition, a new section has been added that stresses the dangers of cross contamination when using lead-free components and assemblies. 

New components include DFN, QFN – Multi Row, PoP (Package on Package), CSP (ChipScale Package), COB (Chip on Board), Bare Die and Flip Chip. Also includes a new section stressing the dangers of cross contamination when using Lead Free components and assemblies.

The Terminology Section has quick facts on polarity, orientation, lead styles and Component Reference Designators (CRDs). The "Reading Component Values" section has full-color, easy-to-use color code charts for resistors and inductors, as well as charts for reading numbered capacitor data. Contains 73 pages in a compact 5.5 x 8.5 inch (14 x 21.5cm) size.

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