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Date of Publication: Sep 11, 2015
High levels of homogeneity among tablets and the increasing threats from phablets and low-cost notebook PCs have taken their toll on sales of tablets as the tablet market value is estimated to see year-on-year decline in 2015 for the first time; in anticipation of more branded vendors expanding footprint into 2-in-1 tablets, the 2-in-1 tablet market is projected to grow by 62.5% in 2015 compared to 2014. This report provides the overview of global tablet market and examines market and product development trends while touching on several highlighted topics.

Date of Publication: Sep 11, 2015
This research report presents shipment volume and value forecast and recent quarter review of the Taiwanese tablet industry. The report includes shipment volume and value, ASP, and product mix analysis. The content of this report is based on primary data obtained through interviews with tablet brands and makers.

Date of Publication: Aug 29, 2014
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Information Security Products and Services in US$ Million by the following Product Segments: Information Security Software, Information Security Hardware, and Information Security Services. The sub-segments analyzed under the Information Security Software segment include Identity & Access Management (Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Web Single Sign-On, Host Single Sign-On, User Provisioning, Directory Services, Legacy Authorization, Advanced Authentication), Secure Content Management (Antivirus, Web Filtering, Messaging Security), Intrusion Detection/Prevention, Security & Vulnerability Management, Firewall/VPN Software, and Other Security Software. The sub-segments analyzed under the Information Security Hardware segment include Hardware Authentication (Tokens, Smart Cards, Biometrics), Threat Management Security Appliances, Firewall/VPN Hardware/Appliances, SCM Appliances, Intrusion Detection/Prevention Appliances, and Unified Threat Management Appliances.

Date of Publication: Jun 24, 2015

This study includes shipment, revenue, and ASP data for the 2015–2019 period, as well as segmentation by consumer versus commercial adoption, screen size, operating system, and connectivity. The tablet market will never experience the same growth as it did before. We will see growth in certain segment of the market like in cellular-capable tablets, larger screen size tablets, or in 2-in-1 devices. The shift toward those specifications will help tablets and 2-in-1s fill a need for mobile productivity, and we might see those devices starting to impact the PC notebook space in the near future.

Date of Publication: Jun 29, 2015
This study provides an analysis of trends in the Japan mobile and client computing market. The devices covered in the report consist of smartphones, tablets, and PCs other than x86 servers.

Date of Publication: Jun 22, 2015
This research report presents shipment volume and value forecast and recent quarter review of the Greater China notebook PC industry, covering mainly...

Date of Publication: Jun 16, 2015
The global market for Cloud Equipment is projected to reach US$75.7 billion by 2020, driven by the growing number of cloud deployments. The market is especially poised to benefit from hybrid cloud deployments, as companies seek to leverage the dual benefits of both public and private clouds. The United States represents the largest market worldwide. Asia-Pacific is forecast to emerge as the fastest growing market with a CAGR of 10.0% over the analysis period. The growth in the region is led by the expanding enterprise sector and increase in cloud based IT deployments in developing markets such as China and India.