Development Trends of the Worldwide All-in-One PC Market

Development Trends of the Worldwide All-in-One PC Market

MIC Taiwan, Date of Publication: Aug 16, 2013, 15 Pages

Notebook PCs and desktop PCs have lost out as tablets are gnawing away at the global PC market share. However, the AIO (All-in-One) PC category manages to ride out the recession and maintain slight growth. With emerging markets becoming the powerhouse of AIO PC sales, branded vendors will have a good chance to break Apple's long-time dominance. This report profiles the current status of the worldwide AIO PC market and pinpoints the market's future development.

List of Topics

  • Current status of the worldwide AIO PC market, including major players, shipment volume, share, and key vendors' ranking for the period 2010 - 2013
  • Key applications of AIO PCs, including the product category's positioning strategy, audiovisual application, and the adoption of touch-control technology
  • Future prospects for the AIO PC development, touching on interactive interface and content services, transformable design, Wi-Fi connectivity, and expected competitions from Smart TV
  • Companies and organizations analyzed or mentioned in the report include:
    AMD, Apple, ASUS, Dell, HP, Intel, NEC


1. Current Status of the AIO PC Market
1.1 AIO PC Sales Facing Headwinds as Desktop PC Demand Wanes
1.2 AIO PCs Featuring Tablet-like Designs
1.3 AIO PC Branded Vendors Gaining Ground in Emerging Markets

2. AIO PC Product Applications
2.1 AIO PCs Seeking for Breakthroughs
2.2 Major Trends of AIO PC Industrial Designs & Applications
2.2.1 Slim Design
2.2.2 Powerful CPU to Provide Satisfactory Performance
2.2.3 Audiovisual Entertainment Applications
2.2.4 Touch-Control & Transformable Designs

3. Future Prospects for AIO PC Development
3.1 Emphasis on Interactive Interfaces & Content Services
3.2 Transformable Design, Wireless Connectivity, and New Interface Become Mainstay
3.2.1 Touch Control & Hinge Design Give AIO PCs a New Look
3.2.2 Introduction of Wireless Technologies Enables Interaction with Smartphones & Tablets
3.2.3 Enriched TV Function to Prevent Smart TV Erosion

4. Conclusions
4.1 Multimedia Applications & High Computing Performance Become a Norm
4.2 Touch Control & Various Hinge Designs Gain Popularity
4.3 Wireless Connectivity Bridges AIO PC to Tablet, Smartphone
4.4 Better Audiovisual Effect & Human-machine Interface



Figure 1 Worldwide Desktop PC Shipment Volume, 2010 ¡V 2013
Figure 2 Worldwide Personal Computing Device Shipment Share, 2010 - 2013
Figure 3 Worldwide AIO PC Vendor Volume Ranking, 2010 - 2013
Figure 4 Top Three AIO PC Vendors' Product Sizes and Prices in 2012
Figure 5 Evolution of AIO PC Product Positioning
Figure 6 Hinge Designs to Enable AIO PC Touch Control
Figure 7 Main Features of AIO PC Industrial Designs and Applications
Figure 8 Various Potential Usage Scenarios with a Single Device
Figure 9 Relationship between AIO PC and Other Product Categories
Figure 10 Future Directions of AIO PC Product Development


Table 1 AIO PC Major Vendors' Product Specs



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