Global and China Fiber Optic Sensor Industry Report, 2013-2018

Global and China Fiber Optic Sensor Industry Report, 2013-2018

Research in China, Date of Publication: Jun 26, 2014

Optical fiber sensor (OFS) is a new type of sensor with light wave as a carrier and optical fiber as a medium, possessing high sensitivity, interference immunity, anti-corrosion, high-pressure resistance and other merits, thus being widely used in national defense, petrochemical, electric power, infrastructure, medical, etc.

At present, all countries in the world are energetically carrying out the R&D and application of optical fiber sensing technology, among them, the United States due to the earliest start leads the world in technology and scale. In 2013, global optical fiber sensor sales reached USD1.89 billion, up 19.6% year on year, of which, the United States registered USD1.22 billion, making up 64.6% of world’s total, which is expected to reach USD4.33 billion in 2018.

Since the research and application of optical fiber sensor in the 1970s, China has already made significant breakthroughs in high-temperature optical fiber sensor and fiber grating sensor, accompanied by massive application in petroleum, steel, transportation and national defense. In 2013, China’s optical fiber sensor market size approximated RMB960 million; with the support of national policy and boosted by Internet of Things (IoT) and other industries, the figure is estimated to approach RMB3 billion in 2018.

The promising prospect of Chinese optical fiber sensor market has attracted many domestic enterprises such as Wuhan WUTOS Co., Ltd, Beiyang Optic-electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd, Pegasus (Qingdao) Optoelectronics, Inc., Bandweaver Technologies Co., Ltd and Jiangsu Tongding Optic-Electronic Co., Ltd. Moreover, some foreign companies e.g. OMRON, Panasonic, Corning also have started their layout in China. In November 2013, Corning established the first R&D center in Shanghai, committed to the localized development of optical fiber sensor and other products in China.

Wuhan WUTOS Co., Ltd: the largest optical fiber sensor R&D and production base in China, once undertook China’s “Optical Fiber Sensor National High-tech Industrialization Demonstration Project”, capable of annually producing 210,000 units of optical fiber sensors.

Beiyang Optic-electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd: founded in December 2013, a merger of Weihai Beiyang Electric Group Co., Ltd – Optical Fiber Sensing Division and its subsidiary – Hangzhou OE Technology Co., Ltd. In 2014, the company is preparing the construction of Marine Optical Fiber Sensor Project; upon completion, it will form an annual production capacity of 1,000 sets of all-fiber ocean boundary detection equipment

Pegasus (Qingdao) Optoelectronics, Inc.: founded in 2012, currently is busy with the “Optical Fiber Sensor Industrialization Construction Project”; annual production capacity of 2,000 sets of optical fiber sensor series products will be realized after reaching designed capacity.

Bandweaver Technologies Co., Ltd: independent R&D of FireLaser DTS in 2009; independent R&D of OFSS6000 distributed fiber-optic intrusion detection system in 2011; development of MaxView distributed configuration monitoring platform in 2012; purchase of “Fiber Optic Sensing Safety Supervision System” from Focused Photonics(Hangzhou) Inc(FPI). (SZSE: 300203) in November 2012.

Global and China Fiber Optic Sensor Industry Report covers the followings:

  • Global and China sensor development status, market competition, etc.;
  • Global optical fiber sensor market status (market size and structure) as well as development of major countries, etc.;
  • Development environment, market status, major projects, etc. of optical fiber sensor in China;
  • Market status of 4 kinds of optical fiber sensor products as well as status quo of optical fiber sensor related industries e.g. optical fiber, optical fiber connector;
  • Operation, optical fiber sensor business, etc. of 4 international and 8 domestic companies.


1. Profile of Fiber Optic Sensor
1.1 Definition and Classification
1.1.1 Definition
1.1.2 Classification
1.2 Working Principles
1.3 Features and Applications
1.3.1 Features
1.3.2 Applications
2. Development of Global Fiber Optic Sensor Industry
2.1 Development Course
2.2 Status Quo of the Market
2.2.1 Market Size
2.2.2 Market Structure
2.3 Major Countries/Regions
2.3.1 the United States
2.3.2 Japan
2.3.3 Europe
2.4 Key Companies
3. Development of China Fiber Optic Sensor Industry
3.1 Development Environment
3.1.1 Policy Environment
3.1.2 Technology Environment
3.2 Market Situation
3.2.1 Market Size
3.2.2 Market Structure
3.3 Application
3.4 Key Companies
4. Key Fiber Optic Sensor Markets
4.1 Fiber Optic Gyro
4.2 Fiber Optic Hydrophone
4.3 Fiber Optic Grating Sensor
4.4 Fiber Optic Current Sensor
5. Industries Related to Fiber Optic Sensor
5.1 Optical Fiber
5.1.1 Status Quo of the Market
5.1.2 Major Enterprises
5.2 Fiber Optical Connector
5.2.1 Status Quo of the Market
5.2.2 Major Enterprises
5.3 Optical Modulator
6. World’s Leading Fiber Optic Sensor Companies
6.1 Keyence
6.1.1 Profile
6.1.2 Operation
6.1.3 Fiber Optic Sensor Business
6.2.1 Profile
6.2.2 Operation
6.2.3 Fiber Optic Sensor Business
6.3 SUNX
6.3.1 Profile
6.3.2 Operation
6.3.3 Fiber Optic Sensor Business
6.4 Autonics
6.4.1 Profile
6.4.2 Operation
6.4.3 Fiber Optic Sensor Business
7. Leading Chinese Fiber Optic Sensor Companies
7.1 Jiangsu Tongding Optic-Electronic Co., Ltd
7.1.1 Profile
7.1.2 Operation
7.1.3 Fiber Optic Sensor Business
7.2 Hengtong Optic-electric Co., Ltd
7.2.1 Profile
7.2.2 Operation
7.2.3 Fiber Optic Sensor Business
7.3 Wuhan WUTOS Co., Ltd
7.3.1 Profile
7.3.2 Operation
7.3.3 R&D
7.4 Beiyang Optic-electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd
7.4.1 Profile
7.4.2 Operation
7.5 Bandweaver Technologies Co., Ltd
7.5.1 Profile
7.5.2 Operation
7.6 Pegasus (Qingdao) Optoelectronics, Inc.
7.6.1 Profile
7.6.2 Operation
7.7 Shanghai Boom Fiber Sensing Technology Co., Ltd
7.7.1 Profile
7.7.2 Operation
7.8.1 Profile
7.8.2 Operation
8. Overview of Global and China Sensor Markets
8.1 Global Market
8.1.1 Status Quo of the Market
8.1.2 Status Quo of Enterprises
8.2 Chinese Market
8.2.1 Status Quo of the Market
8.2.2 Status Quo of Enterprises
9. Summary and Forecast
9.1 Market
9.2 Enterprise
Selected Charts
Comparison between Functional and Non-functional Fiber Optic Sensors
Composition of Fiber Optic Sensor
Global Consumer Spending on Fiber Optic Sensors, 2010-2019E
Global Consumer Spending on Fiber Optic Sensors by Product, 2013-2018E
Consumer Spending on Fiber Optic Sensor in the United States, 2007-2014
Policies on Sensor Industry in China, 2011-2013
Fiber Optic Sensor R&D of Leading Chinese Enterprises, 2007-2013
China Fiber Optic Sensor Market Size, 2013-2018E
China Fiber Optic Sensor (by Product) Market Structure, 2013-2018E
Leading Chinese Fiber Optic Sensor Companies and Applications of Their Products
Fiber Optic Sensor Projects Proposed and under Construction in China, 2014
Fiber Optic Hydrophone Used in Virginia Class Submarine
Application of Fiber Optic Grating Sensor in Chinese Market
Global and China’s Shipment of Optical Fiber, 2011-2014
Optical Fiber Production Capacity and Demand in China, 2010-2014
Production Capacities of Leading Chinese Optical Fiber Enterprises, 2010-2013
Sales of Fiber Optic Connector in China, 2011-2016E
Major Products and Application Markets of Fiber Optic Connector
Global External Optical Modulator Market Structure by Data Rate, 2013
Global Network of Keyence
Revenue of Keyence, 2010-2013
Fiber Optic Sensors of Keyence
Sales and Net Income of OMRON, FY2010-FY2014
Sales of OMRON by Business, FY2013
Sales of OMRON by Country/Region, FY2013
Fiber Optic Sensors of OMRON
Key Business of SUNX
Sales and Net Income of SUNX, FY2009-FY2013
Sales and YoY Growth of SUNX by Business, FY2013
Sales of SUNX by Region, FY2012-FY2013
Fiber Optic Sensors of SUNX
Global Network of Autonics
Fiber Optic Sensors of Autonics
Revenue and Net Income of Jiangsu Tongding Optic-Electronic Co., Ltd., 2009-2013
Operating Revenue (by Business) of Jiangsu Tongding Optic-Electronic Co., Ltd., 2011-2013
Selected Economic Indicators of Suzhou SengSing Optical Fiber Sensor Technology Co., Ltd., 2013
Revenue and Net Income of Hengtong Optic-electric Co., Ltd., 2009-2013
Operating Revenue and YoY Growth of Hengtong Optic-electric Co., Ltd. by Business, 2013
Selected Economic Indicators of Wuhan WUTOS Co., Ltd., 2008 Vs.2012
R&D Results of Wuhan WUTOS Co., Ltd
Fiber Optic Sensors of Beiyang Optic-electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd
Development Course of Shanghai Boom Fiber Sensing Technology Co., Ltd
Major Customers for Distributed Fiber Temperature Monitoring System of Shanghai Boom Fiber Sensing Technology Co., Ltd
Global Sensor Market Size, 2010-2018
Global Sensor (by Application) Market Structure, 2013
World’s Leading Sensor Companies and Their Products
China Sensor Market Size, 2011-2018E
China Sensor (by Application) Market Structure, 2005-2013
China Sensor (by Product) Market Structure, 2013
Leading Chinese Sensor Companies and Their Products, 2013
R&D Capabilities of Leading Chinese Fiber Optic Companies, 2013
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Jun 26, 2014
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