FPGA Market Trends & Forecasts From 2014-2020

FPGA Market Trends & Forecasts 2014-2020

M&M, Date of Publication: Jan 28, 2015, 194 Pages

FPGA Market by Architecture (SRAM, Fuse, Anti-Fuse), Configuration (High End, Mid-Range, Low End), Application (Telecommunication, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Industrial, Military & Aerospace, Medical, Computing & Data Centers), and Geography - Trends & Forecasts From 2014 – 2020 

The ability of reprogrammability enhances the value of FPGA making it superior than other pre-launched ASIC and ASSP in all the terms. It has become an inevitable need of all the applications. In order to achieve this, FPGA has been implemented which helps to save cost and power by delivering high performance. There is a great potential to reduce the cost and enhance security level of IP by using field-programmable gate array.

The FPGA market is expected to jump up to $8.5 billion in 2020 at a CAGR of 8.1% from 2014-2020 due to the increasing use of field-programmable gate array in various application sectors such as medical, telecom, automotive etc. The new high-end applications have FPGA as their integral part; moreover the miniaturization is the main reason behind the growth of the process node technology. The low NRE cost per design, dramatic increase in ASIC design cost and continuous penetration in new application market are the major drivers for the field-programmable gate array market, as well as more number of technological advancement is taking place in FPGA market along with process node technology leading to the need for new field-programmable gate array in market. North America region occupies major market share of the field-programmable gate array market, with having some of the major players based in the U.S.

Players involved in the development of the FPGA market include Xilinx, Inc. (U.S.), Altera Corporation (U.S.), Tabula, Inc.(U.S.), Achronix Semiconductor Corp(U.S.), Microsemi Corporation(U.S.), Lattice Semiconductor Corporation(U.S.),  Atmel Corporation (U.S.), E2V Technologies (UK).

This report describes the value chain for the field-programmable gate array market by considering all the major stakeholders in the market and their roles in the analysis. The report also provides a detailed study of the Porter’s five forces analysis of the market. All the five major factors in these markets have been quantified using the internal key parameters governing each of them. It covers a brief description of major players that are active in the field-programmable gate array market. It also covers the competitive landscape of these players which includes the key growth strategies and recent developments.

Scope of the report

This research report categorizes the FPGA market based on the analysis of configuration, architecture, applications, and regions.

Based on Configuration

The field-programmable gate array market is segmented on the basis of the configuration which includes high-end FPGA, midrange field-programmable gate array, and low-end FPGA.

Based on Design architecture

The FPGA market is segmented on the basis of design architecture that is SRAM (Static read access memory) based, Anti-fuse based, Flash based field-programmable gate array.

Based on Application

The FPGA market is further segmented based on applications of FPGA. This includes Telecommunication, Consumer electronics sector, Automotive, Industrial, Military and Aerospace, Medical, Computing and others.

Based on Geography

Geographically, the market is covered by North America (U.S., Canada, and Mexico), Europe (Germany, Italy, Spain, U.K., France, and others), APAC (China, Japan and others) and Rest of the World (Middle East, South Africa, and others).

The report covers the market data and information with regards to the market drivers, trends, and opportunities, key players, and competitive outlook. This report also makes way for market tables to cover the sub-segments. In addition, it profiles ten companies, which include overview, products and services, financials, strategy, SWOT analysis, and recent developments.


1 Introduction (Page No. -12)
   1.1 Objectives Of The Study
   1.2 Market Definition
   1.3 Markets Covered
   1.4 Stakeholders
   1.5 Year
   1.6 Currency
   1.7 Limitations

2 Research Methodology (Page No. - 16)
   2.1 Description Of The FPGA Demand Model
          2.1.1 FPGA Share Increasing Rapidly in Global Plds Market
          2.1.2 FPGA Market Entering Into New Appliations
          2.1.3 Optical Transpot Network (Otn) Application Driving The Growth Of FPGA Market
          2.1.4 Geographic Demand Of FPGA Market
   2.2 Market Size Estimation
   2.3 Market Crack Down & Data Triangulation
   2.4 Market Share Estimation
          2.4.1 Key Data From Secondary Sources
          2.4.2 Key Data From Primary Resources
            Key Industry Insights

3 Executive Summary (Page No. - 26)

4 Premium Insgihts (Page No. - 29)
   4.1 Attractive Market Opportunities in FPGA Market
   4.2 FPGA Market – Major Application Market
   4.3 Field-Programmable Gate Array Market in APAC Region
   4.4 The U.S. Accounts For Over 28% Share Of The  FPGA Market, Globally
   4.5 Field-Programmable Gate Array Market, By Configuration
   4.6 FPGA Market Share – Developed Vs Developing Nations
   4.7 FPGA Market: Telecommunication Application Demand
   4.8 FPGA Market: Life Cycle Analysis, By Geography

5 Market Overview (Page No. - 37)
   5.1 Introduction
   5.2 Evolution
   5.3 Market Segmentation
          5.3.1 Market By Design Architecture
          5.3.2 Market By Configuration
          5.3.3 Market By Application
   5.4 Market Dynamics
          5.4.1 Drivers
          Lower Nre Cost Per Design
          Dramatic Increase in Asic Design Cost
          Continuous Penetration in New Application Market
          Need Of Wireless Communication And Otn
          Fastest Time-To-Market
          Highly Differentiated
          Adaptable And Reusable
          5.4.2 Restraints
          Inability Of FPGA To Substitute Asic Devices
          Huge Cost Of Newly Introduced FPGAs Especially Based On 14nm, 16nm, 20nm And 22nm
          Only Two New Start-Ups In Last 2 Decades
          5.4.3 Opportunities
          End Market Dynamics Create New Opportunities in New And Traditional Applications
          Penetration in Asic And Assp Market Share
          Miniaturization Of Consumer Electronics Devices
          5.4.4 Burning issues
          Reduction in The Cost Of New Field-Programmable Gate Array
          5.4.5 Winning Imperatives
          Strategy Of Development Of Low Cost FPGA
          Strategy Of Expansion in Emerging Markets

6 Industry Trends (Page No. - 47)
   6.1 Introduction
   6.2 Value Chain Analysis
   6.3 Supply Chain Analysis
         6.3.1 Key Influencers
   6.4 Industry Trends
   6.5 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
         6.5.1 Bargaining Power Of Suppliers
         6.5.2 Bargaining Power Of Buyers
         6.5.3 Threat Of Substitutes
         6.5.4 Threat Of New Entrants
         6.5.5 Degree Of Competition
   6.6 Strategic Benchmarking
         6.6.1 Technology Integration & Product Enhancement

7 Field-Programmable Gate Array Market, By Design Architecture (Page No. - 59)
   7.1 Introduction
   7.2 Sram Based Field-Programmable Gate Array 
   7.3 Anti-Fuse Based FPGA
   7.4 Flash Based FPGA

8 Field-Programmable Gate Array Market, By Configuration (Page No. - 66)
   8.1 Introduction
   8.2 FPGA Applications By Different Configurations
   8.3 High-End FPGA
   8.4 Mid Range FPGA
   8.5 Low-End FPGA
   8.6 FPGA Process Node Based Configurations

9 FPGA Market By Application (Page No. - 75)
   9.1 Introduction
   9.2 Telecommunication
         9.2.1 Wired Communication
         Optical Transport Network (Otn)
         Backhaul And Access Network
         Network Processing
         Wired Connectivity
         Packet Base Processing And Switching
         9.2.2 Wireless Communication
         Wireless Backhaul Network
   9.3 Consumer Electronics
         9.3.1 Mobile Devices
         9.3.2 Entertainment Devices Market
         Portable Audio Video Players
         Gaming Consoles
         Digital Tv/ Picture Frame Display
         Digital Cameras And Media Players
         9.3.3 Other Consumer Devices
         Home Automation And Networking
         Set-Top Box
         Video Projectors
   9.4 Automotive
         9.4.1 Advance Driver Assistance Systems (Adas)
         9.4.2 Automotive Infotainment & Driver Informationsystem
         9.4.3 E-Vehicles And Power Trains
         9.4.4 Others
   9.5 Industrial
         9.5.1 Industrial Imaging
         Video Surveillance
         Machine Vision
         9.5.2 Industrial Networking
         9.5.3 Industrial Motor Control
   9.6 Military & Aerospace
         9.6.1 Avionics
         9.6.2 Missiles & Munitions
         9.6.3 Radars & Sensors
         9.6.4 Others
   9.7 Medical
         9.7.1 Imaging
         Ct Scanner
         9.7.2 Surgical Systems
         9.7.3 Patient Monitoring
         9.7.4 Others
   9.8 Computing
         9.8.1 Data Servers
         9.8.2 Data Storage
         9.8.3 Network Appliances
         9.8.4 Switching And Routing
         9.8.5 Others
   9.9 Others

10 FPGA Geographic Analysis (Page No. - 123)
    10.1 Introduction
    10.2 North America
            10.2.1 U.S.
            10.2.2 Canada
            10.2.3 Mexico
    10.3 Europe
            10.3.1 Germany
            10.3.2 U.K.
            10.3.3 France
            10.3.4 Italy
            10.3.5 Spain
            10.3.6 Rest Of Europe
    10.4 APAC
            10.4.1 China
            10.4.2 Japan
            10.4.3 Others
             India: A Potential FPGA Market
    10.5 Rest Of The World (ROW)
            10.5.1 Middle East
            10.5.2 South Africa
            10.5.3 Others

11 Competitive Landscape (Page No. - 145)
    11.1 Overview
    11.2 Market Share Analysis FPGA Market
    11.3 FPGA Market Enters Into New Arena With Heated Competition Between Start-Ups And Duopoly
    11.4 Competitive Situation And Trends

12 Company Profiles (Page No. - 152)
    12.1 Introduction
    12.2 Achronix Semiconductor Corp.
           12.2.1 Business Overview
           12.2.2 Products
           12.2.3 Key Strategy
           12.2.4 Recent Developments
           12.2.5 MNM View
    12.3 Altera Corporation
           12.3.1 Business Overview
           12.3.2 Products And Services
           12.3.3 Key Strategies
           12.3.4 Recent Developments
           12.3.5 SWOT Analysis
           12.3.6 MNM View
    12.4 Atmel Corporation
           12.4.1 Business Overview
           12.4.2 Products
           12.4.3 Key Strategy:
           12.4.4 Recent Developments
    12.5 E2v Technologies
           12.5.1 Business Overview
           12.5.2 Products And Services
           12.5.3 Key Strategy
           12.5.4 Recent Developments
    12.6 Lattice Semiconductor Corporation
           12.6.1 Business Overview
           12.6.2 Products And Services
           12.6.3 Key Strategy
           12.6.4 Recent Developments
           12.6.5 SWOT Analysis
           12.6.6 MNM View
    12.7 Microsemi Corporation
           12.7.1 Business Overview
           12.7.2 Products
           12.7.3 Key Strategy
           12.7.4 Recent Developments
           12.7.5 SWOT Analysis
           12.7.6 MNM View
    12.8 Tabula Inc
           12.8.1 Business Overview
           12.8.2 Products
           12.8.3 Key Strategy
           12.8.4 Recent Developments
           12.8.5 MNM View
    12.9 Xilinx Inc.
           12.9.1 Business Overview
           12.9.2 Productsand Services
           12.9.3 Key Strategy
           12.9.4 Recent Developments
           12.9.5 SWOT Analysis
           12.9.6 MNM View

13 Appendix (Page No. - 194)
    13.1 Insights Of Industry Experts
    13.2 Discussion Guide
    13.3 Introducing Rt: Real Time Market Intelligence
    13.4 Available Customizations
    13.5 Related Reports
List Of Tables (69 Tables)  

Table 1 Low Nre Cost Per Design is Propelling The Growth Of FPGA Market
Table 2 Inability Of FPGA To Substitute Asic Devices is Restraining The Market Growth
Table 3 End Market Dynamics is Creating New Opportunities For Players in FPGA Market
Table 4 Development Of Low Cost FPGA Proves To Be As Winning Imperatives For FPGA Mareket
Table 5 Collaboration is The Leading Trend Among The Key Market Players
Table 6 Field-Programmable Gate Array Market Size By High End Configuration, 2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 7 FPGA Market Size, By Mid-Range Configuration, 2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 8 FPGA Market Size By Low End Configuration, 2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 9 FPGA Market Size By Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 10 Field-Programmable Gate Array Market Size By Telecommunication Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 11 Market Size By Wired Telecommunication Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 12 Market Size By Wired Telecommunication Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 13 Market Size By Optical Trasport Network Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 14 Market Size By Backhaul And Access Network Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 15 Market Size By Network Processing Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 16 Market Size By Wiredconnectivity Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 17 Market Size By Packet Based Processing And Switching Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 18 Market Size By Wireless Telecommunication Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 19 Market Size By Base-Band Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 20 Market Size By Wireless Backhaul Network Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 21 Field-Programmable Gate Array Market Size By Radio Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 22 Market Size By Consumer Electroncis Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 23 Market Size By Mobile Devices Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 24 Market Size By Entertainment Devices Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 25 Market Size By Other Consumer Devices Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 26 Market Size By Home Automation And Networking Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 27 Market Size By Automotive Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 28 Market Size By Adas Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 29 Market Size By Automotive Infotainment And Driver Information System Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 30 Market Size By E-Vehicles And Power Train Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 31 Market Size By Industrial Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 32 Market Size By Industrial Imaging Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 33 Market Size By Video Surviellance Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 34 Market Size By Machine Vision Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 35 Market Size By Industrial Networking Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 36 Market Size By Industrial Motor Control Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 37 FPGA Market Size By Military And Aerospace Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 38 Market Size By Avionics Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 39 Market Size By Missiles & Ammunitions Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 40 Market Size By Radars & Sensors Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 41 Market Size By Medical Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 42 Field-Programmable Gate Market Size By Imaging Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 43 Market Size By Surgical System Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 44 Market Size By Patient Monitoring System Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 45 Market Size By Computing Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 46 Market Size By Data Server Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 47 Market Size By Data Storage Applciation,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 48 Market Size By Network Appliances Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 49 Market Size By Switching And Routing Application,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 50 Market Size By Geography,  2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 51 North America FPGA Market Size, By Country, 2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 52 The U.S. FPGA Market Size, 2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 53 Canada FPGA Market Size, 2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 54 Mexico: Field-Programmable Gate Array Market Size, 2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 55 Europe FPGA Market Size, 2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 56 Germany FPGA Market Size, 2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 57 U.K.: Field-Programmable Gate Array Market Size, 2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 58 France: Market Size, 2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 59 Italy: Market Size, 2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 60 Spain: Market Size, 2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 61 Rest Of Europe: Market Size, 2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 62 APAC: Field-Programmable Gate Array  Market Size, 2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 63 China: Market Size, 2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 64 Japan: Market Size, 2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 65 Rest Of Asia: FPGA Market Size, 2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 66 ROW: FPGA Market Size, 2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 67 Middle East: FPGA Market Size, 2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 68 South Africa: FPGA Market Size, 2013-2020 ($Million)
Table 69 Others: FPGA Market Size, 2013-2020 ($Million)
List Of Figures (85 Figures)  
Figure 1 FPGA Market, By Applications
Figure 2 FPGA Market : Research Methodology
Figure 3 Penetration Of FPGA in Pld Market (%), 2000-2012
Figure 4 FPGA Entering Into New Application Segments
Figure 5 Otn Application: A Huge Growth Potential For FPGA Market
Figure 6 Very High Demand Generating From APAC Region For FPGA Devices
Figure 7 Market Size Estimation Methodlogy: Top-Down Approach
Figure 8 Market Size Estimation Methodology: Bottoms-Up Approach
Figure 9 Breakdown Of Primary Interviews By Company Type, Designation, & Region
Figure 10 FPGA Market Snapshot (2013 Vs 2020) : Market For Low End FPGA is Expected To Grow Faster
Figure 11 Global FPGA Market, By Application, 2013
Figure 12 Global FPGA Market Share Analysis, By Geography
Figure 13 Attractive Market Opportunities in FPGA Industry
Figure 14 Telecommunication Application Expected To Have The Highest Market Whereas Data Center Application is Expected To Show The Highest Growth
Figure 15 Telecommunication Application Has Captured The Maximum Share Of The FPGA Market in APAC
Figure 16 The U.S. Constitutes Over One Fourth Of The FPGA Market
Figure 17 High End Configuration is Expected To Account For The Highest Share Of The FPGA Market
Figure 18 The U.S. And China Are Expected To Grow At The Highest Pace
Figure 19 Telecommunication Application Has A Promising Demand in Major Nations
Figure 20 All The Regions Are Still, in The Growth Phase
Figure 21 Nanometer Technology Process To Play A Crucial Role in FPGA Market
Figure 22 Market Segmentation: By Design Architecture
Figure 23 Market Segmentation : By Configuration
Figure 24 Market Segmentation: By Application
Figure 25 Penetration in New Applicaion Market Will Spur The Demand For FPGA Market
Figure 26 Value Chain Analysis (2013): Major Value is Added During Wafer Providers And Manufacturing Phases
Figure 27 Supply Chain: FPGA Market
Figure 28 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis (2013)
Figure 29 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis For The FPGA Market
Figure 30 Bargaining Power Of Suppliers in FPGA Market
Figure 31 Bargaining Power Of Buyers in FPGA Market
Figure 32 Threats Of Substitutes in FPGA Market
Figure 33 Threat Of New Entrants in FPGA Market
Figure 34 Degree Of Competition in FPGA Market
Figure 35 Sram Based FPGA Leads The FPGA Market, in Terms Of Features
Figure 36 Comparison Between Sram FPGA And Anti-Fuse FPGA
Figure 37 Ip Security At All Levels in Anti-Fuse FPGA
Figure 38 Benefits Of Flash Based FPGA
Figure 39 Change in The FPGA Market Share By Process Nodes, 2002-2014 (%)
Figure 40 Change in The FPGA Market Share, By Configuration (%)
Figure 41 FPGA Configuration Market Share By Application, 2013 (%)
Figure 42 High End Configuration Shares Highest in FPGA Market
Figure 43 Telecommunication Segment Fuels The Growth Of FPGA Market
Figure 44 Wireless Telecommunication Will Play The Major Role in FPGA Market in Coming Years
Figure 45 Optical Transport Network Held The Largest Share in FPGA Wired Telecom Market
Figure 46 Demand For FPGA Market From Wireless Telecom Segment is Driven By Radio
Figure 47 FPGA Radio Market Size, 2013-2020 ($Million)
Figure 48 Home Automation Segment is Expected To Grow Faster As Compared To Other Consumer Electronics For FPGA Market
Figure 49 Smartphone Dominates The FPGA Mobile Devices Market
Figure 50 Global Smartphone Shipments in Million (2009-2014)
Figure 51 FPGA Entertainment Devices Market By Segment, 2013-2020 ($Million)
Figure 52 Automotive Infotainment And Driver Information System Contributes The Largest Share in Automotive FPGA Market
Figure 53 FPGA Automotive Infotainment And Driver Information System Market Size, 2013-2020 ($Million)
Figure 54 Industrial Networking Segment is Expected To Grow At Highest Cagr Among All Other Industrial Segments
Figure 55 Machine Vision System Segment  Dominates The Industrial Imaging FPGA Market
Figure 56 FPGA Military And Aerospace Market By Segment, 2013-2020 ($Million)
Figure 57 FPGA Medical Application Market By Segment, 2013-2020 ($Million)
Figure 58 FPGA X Ray Market is Expected To Grow Faster Compared To Other Imaging Applications, 2013-2020 ($Million)
Figure 59 Data Server is The Larest Share Holder in FPGA Computing Market, 2013-2020 ($Million)
Figure 60 China And The U.S. Are Expected To Grow With Highest Cagr, 2014-2020 (%)
Figure 61 China- An Attractive Destination For FPGA Applications Market
Figure 62 North America’s FPGA Market Snapshot: The U.S. is Fastest Growing Nation
Figure 63 Germany is The Major Market For Top Three Applications In The European FPGA Market (2013)
Figure 64 Germany Stands First From The European Region in The FPGA Market (2013)
Figure 65 Asia-Pacific is The Region To Generate Maximum Demand For FPGAs From Telecommunication Segment
Figure 66 Asia-Pacific FPGA Market Snapshot: Japan Leader Of FPGA Market
Figure 67 Top Fifteen Motor Vehicle Producing Countries in 2013.
Figure 68 FPGA Market Snapshot: Rest Of The World
Figure 69 Companies Adopted Product Innovation And Partnerships, Agreements, And Collaborations As The Key Growth Strategies Over The Last Three Years
Figure 70 Microsemi Corporation Grew At A Faster Rate Between 2007and 2013
Figure 71 FPGA Market Share, By Key Player, 2013
Figure 72 Market Evaluation Framework
Figure 73 Battle For Market Share: New Product Launches And Partnerships, Agreements, And Collaborations Were Seen As Key Strategies For 2011-2014
Figure 74 Achronix Semiconductor Corp. : Business Overview
Figure 75 Altera Corporation: Business Overview
Figure 76 Altera Corporation: SWOT Analysis
Figure 77 Atmel Corporation : Business Overview
Figure 78 E2v Technologies. : Business Overview
Figure 79 Lattice Semiconductor Corporation: Business Overview
Figure 80 Lattice Semiconductor Corporation : SWOT Analysis
Figure 81 Microsemi Corporation : Business Overview
Figure 82 Microsemi Corporation: SWOT Analysis
Figure 83 Tabula Inc. : Business Overview
Figure 84 Xilinx Inc.: Business Overview
Figure 85 Xilinx Inc. : SWOT Analysis 


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