Global Smart Grid Technologies and Growth Markets 2013-2020

Global Smart Grid Technologies and Growth Markets 2013-2020

GTM, Date of Publication: Jan 24, 2013

According to this study, the cumulative value of the smart grid market to surpass $400 billion by 2020, growing with an average compound annual growth rate of over 7%. This new report examines the global smart grid market from the perspective of growth and market share of technologies and services, featuring a top-down and bottom-up financial forecast along with highlights of regional trends, analysis and opportunity across the world’s established and emerging smart grid markets. By examining the major markets and technologies, the report identifies the biggest growth opportunities for the next 8 years and those markets which are most attractive to investors and utility vendors.

At 96 pages, the report is divided into six main sections. First, it examines the global smart grid market from a comparative perspective, looking at the expected growth rate of the individual regions as well as the cumulative global growth rates of discrete smart grid technologies. Then, each of the regions is examined in more detail, with comprehensive forecasting on each area for the period of 2013 to 2020, based on the key metrics of market segment value, percent share of the overall smart grid market, and compound average growth rate (CAGR). In these sections, we look at the growth and share of technologies by region and profile the opportunities that are arising.

Markets covered in the report include:

  • AMI
  • Smart Grid Data Analytics
  • Network Operations Software
  • Transmission Upgrades and Automation
  • Smart Distribution
  • Cybersecurity
  • Services and Consulting


1. Executive Summary and Key Findings
1.1 Key Findings
1.2 Major Regional Findings

2. Methodology and Scope
2.1 Report Objectives
2.2 Structure of the Report
2.3 Global Forecast Methodology and Scope
2.4 Smart Grid Market Growth Share

3. Introduction
3.1 The Global Smart Grid Market
3.2 Creating a Unified Marketplace
3.3 The Rise of the Local Vendor
3.4 International Drivers
3.5 International Barriers to Growth

4. Global Smart Grid Forecast
4.1 Forecast
4.2 Smart Grid Technology Patterns
4.3 Smart Grid Regional Adoption Patterns
4.4 Advanced Metering Infrastructure
4.5 Analytics
4.6 Network Operations Software
4.7 Transmission Modernization
4.8 Distribution Automation
4.9 Cybersecurity
4.10 Services & Consulting

5. North America
5.1 Market Overview
5.2 North America Forecast
5.3 North American Smart Grid Technology Growth
5.4 Regional Opportunities

6. Europe
6.1 Market Overview
6.2 Europe Forecast
6.3 European Smart Grid Technology Growth
6.4 Regional Opportunities

7. Asia-Pacific
7.1 Market Overview
7.2 Asia-Pacific Forecast
7.3 Asia-Pacific Smart Grid Technology Growth
7.4 Regional Opportunities

8. China
8.1 Market Overview
8.2 China Forecast
8.3 Chinese Smart Grid Technology Growth
8.4 Regional Opportunities

9. Latin America
9.1 Market Overview
9.2 Latin America Forecast
9.3 Latin American Smart Grid Technology Growth
9.4 Regional Opportunities

10. Conclusions
10.1 Global Technology and Growth Trends


1. Executive Summary and Key Findings
• Regional Smart Grid Deployment Hotspots

2. Methodology and Scope
• Smart Grid Markets Analyzed in This Report
• Market Forecast Data Sources
• Smart Grid Growth Share

3. Introduction
• Regional Smart Grid Market Development Status
• IEA Smart Grid Roadmap and Milestones
• International Snapshot of Emerging Smart Grid Global Competition
• Increase in Electricity Demand Over 2010 Values
• International Comparison of Reliability Indices
• Global Levels of Distribution Losses
• Industry Free Cash Flow, 2000-2012

4. Global Smart Grid Forecast
• Smart Grid Regional Forecast, 2013-2020
• Global Technology Growth Share
• Global Smart Grid Growth Share
• Regional Adoption Market Comparisons
• Global AMI Growth Share
• Global AMI Forecast, 2013-2020
• Analytics Spending Segments
• Global Analytics Growth Share
• Top Three Grid Analytics Applications
• Top Consumer Analytics Applications
• Soft Grid Investment Portfolio
• Diversification of Vendors Into the Utility Data Analytics Segment
• Network Operations Software Spending Segments
• Global Network Operations Software Growth Share
• Network Operations Software and Drivers
• Transmission Upgrade Spending Segments
• Global Transmission Modernization Growth Share
• Global Distribution Automation Growth Share
• Equipment With Highest Value for Intelligent Asset Management
• Global Cybersecurity Growth Share
• U.S. House 2013 Cybersecurity Report: Key Findings
• International Snapshot of Cybersecurity Drivers
• Global Services and Consulting Growth Share
• Smart Grid Services & Consulting Segments

5. North America
• Areas of Concentration for Major Investments of U.S. Utilities, 2012
• Motivations for U.S. Utilities’ Investments in New Technology, 2012
• North America Forecast, 2013-2020
• Actual and Planned Transmission Investments by U.S. IOUs, 2001-2015
• North American Smart Grid Technology Growth Share
• Phasor Measurement Units Installed in North America
• Top 3 North American Smart Grid Hotspots
• Pressure on U.S. Utilities to Adhere to Performance-Based Ratemaking

6. Europe
• Europe Forecast, 2013-2020
• Europe Smart Grid Technology Growth Share
• Drivers and Levels of Implementation of AMI in European Countries
• Top 3 European Smart Grid Hotspots
• European Hotspots for Smart Grid Technology

7. Asia-Pacific
• Asia-Pacific Smart Grid Pilots: Lessons Learned
• Asia-Pacific Smart Grid Forecast, 2013-2020
• Asia-Pacific Smart Grid Technology Growth Share
• Korea Smart Grid Roadmap, 2010-2030
• Smart Grid Vision for India, 2012-2027
• Top 3 Asia-Pacific Smart Grid Hotspots

8. China
• Chinese Electricity Market Differentiators
• SGCC Smart Grid Framework and Roadmap
• Chinese National Transmission Grid in 2020
• China Smart Grid Forecast, 2013-2020
• Chinese Smart Grid Roll-Out Targets, 2015 and 2020
• China Smart Grid Technology Growth Share
• Dispersion of Wide Area Measurement in China
• Top 3 Chinese Smart Grid Hotspots

9. Latin America
• Major Latin America Smart Grid Activity
• Latin America Smart Grid Forecast, 2013-2020
• Latin America Technology Growth Share
• Latin America Distribution Losses by Country
• Ecuador Smart Grid Roadmap, 2013-2030
• Wide Area Measurement in Ecuador
• Brazilian Non-Technical Losses
• Top 3 Latin America Smart Grid Hotspots


Date of Publication:
Jan 24, 2013