IPC-1131  Information Technology Guide for PWB Manufacturers

IPC-1131 Information Technology Guide for PWB Manufacturers

Date of Publication: Apr 3, 2000, 20 Pages

Choosing an Information Technology provider for a PWB manufacturing facility can be cumbersome and confusing. Most software systems do not have fields within their databases to accommodate PWB attributes such as hole size, plating thickness, stack height, multi-level bills of materials, or routing sequences. Representatives from the software industry and printed circuit board manufacturers have developed this guide to assist the PWB manufacturer in specifying a new information technology system. IPC-1131 identifies and documents key issues specific to the PWB industry. Serving as a checklist, the guide will assist managers in maximizing the return of their IT investment by considering all factors in the total cost of ownership. Using these factors, PWB manufacturers can select the right level of information technology to assure customer service, control costs, and measure and improve quality. IPC-1131 will also assist systems providers in understanding and meeting the needs of the PWB industry. 20 pages. Released April 2000.

Date of Publication:
Apr 3, 2000
File Format:
Non-Printable CD-ROM
Number of Pages:
20 Pages