IPC 7711/21C Rework, Modification and Repair of 7711/21BElectronic Assemblies

IPC 7711/21C Rework, Modification and Repair of Electronic Assemblies

IPC, Date of Publication: Nov 22, 2017, 380 Pages

IPC-7711/21C is the latest revision released in February 2017. This IPC guide provides you with procedures for rework, modification and repair of electronic assemblies. 7711/21C standard is an essential resource for anyone involved in repairing, supplying materials and reworking electronic assembles. Revision C has been completely updated to meet the best industry practices, common procedures and general information on rework, modification and repair of electronic assemblies. New procedures for BGAs using focused IR Reflow Systems with integral preheater and general updates to all other procedures.

Some highlights of what is covered in revision C of IPC-7711/21

  • Change procedures incorporated to the main document
  • Additional BGA – CSP Removal Procedure
  • Additional BGA – CSP Installation Procedure
  • Graphics Updated
  • Individual procedures controlled by review date

This is the standard you need if you do any repair or rework at your facility. Don't be left out get the standard today.

To better serve the electronics industry, IPC also provides a fully marked up "REDLINE document" for this standard. In fact, this redline document is designed to show side by side comparisons of the changes.

This "redline" is comparing IPC-7711/21B to the new IPC-7711/21C. The redline not only covers the changes made between revision B to C, but it will provide in detail what those changes were. More than just a simple "text cross out", IPC-7711/21 Revision B to Revision C Redline Comparison Document, is a complete side by side comparison including images and tables. This would be a great reference document for those who need to see what has changed in the standard.

NOTE: Because the REDLINE document is a side by side comparison we can only sell the redline in an electronic format. No Hard Copy is available.
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Date of Publication:
Nov 22, 2017
File Format:
PDF Download & Print Copy
Number of Pages:
380 Pages