2013 IPC International Technology Roadmap for Electronic Interconnections

IPC, Date of Publication: Feb 21, 2013, 560 Pages

The International Technology Roadmap provides vision and direction for product development, process development and services required to satisfy the current and future needs of companies that design, build, buy, or specify electronic equipment and materials for global customer requirements. The Roadmap is a valuable resource for companies throughout the global electronic equipment manufacturing industry and can be used for business, technology, and strategic planning for the near and long term. Teams of experts from many organizations around the world have cooperated to ensure that the Roadmap presents the latest and best available information and recommendations based on OEM, ODM, and EMS companies' vision and needs assessment. The Roadmap spans the supply chain infrastructure needed for advanced electronics packaging, including printed board issues, assembly considerations, opto- and printed electronics and vital management/environmental issues. In addition, technical presentations made by industry experts are included as a special resource section used by the roadmap developers to provide predictions and visionary descriptions. A feature of the roadmap is the inclusion of software for a technical driver comparison tool. Long range planners can compare the technical descriptions of their own company products with emulator information published in the Roadmap.

New features for 2013

  • “Stewardship” section provides expanded content and scope, emphasis on true sustainability
  • Explanation of new business models. Expectations of OEMs, ODMs, EMS providers, & fabricators. The rise of contractor specialists
  • Coverage of the printed electronics industry as it matures into a truly viable option
  • Increased use of shared information. Contributions from the best sources of electronic knowledge


Part A – How to Use This Roadmap Section
1 – Roadmap Overview Section
2 – OEM /Integrator Expectations Section
3 – Emulator Details Section
4 – Standards and Specifications Section
5 – Stewardship

Part B – Technology Trends
Section 1 – Technology Trends - General
Section 2 – Semiconductors and Other Components
Section 3 – Interconnections
Section 4 – Assembly Trends – Internal and External
Section 5 – Connectors and Sockets
Section 6 – Reliability
Section 7 – Printed Electronics
Section 8 – Embedded Components

Part C – Design Considerations
Section 1 – Design a nd Data Considerations – General
Section 2 – Design Methods and Structure
Section 3 – System and Enclosure Configuration
Section 4 – Component Selection and Development

Part D – Interconnections and Substrates
Section 1 – Interconnections and Substrates - General
Section 2 – Interposer and Module Substrates
Section 3 – Portable Boards
Section 4 – Product Boards
Section 5 – Back plane Boards
Section 6 - Electrical and Optical Performance

Part E – Assembly Technology
Section 1 – Assembly Technology - General
Section 2 – Interposer and Module Assembly
Section 3 – Portable Board Assembly
Section 4 – Product Board Assembly
Section 5 – Backplane Assembly

Part F – Appendix
Section 1 – Standards and Global Database
Section 2 – Emulator Analysis
Section 3 – Resource Information
Section 4 – Terms and Acronyms
Section 5 – Contributors

Date of Publication:
Feb 21, 2013
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Number of Pages:
560 Pages