IPC-J-STD-004B Requirements for Soldering Fluxes

IPC-J-STD-004B Requirements for Soldering Fluxes

Date of Publication: Nov 1, 2011, 20 Pages

This standard prescribes general requirements for the classification and characterization of fluxes for high quality solder interconnections. This standard may be used for quality control and procurement purposes.

The purpose of this standard is to classify and characterize tin/lead and lead-free soldering flux materials for use in electronic metallurgical interconnections for printed circuit board assembly.

Soldering flux materials include the following: liquid flux, paste flux, solder paste, solder cream, and flux-coated and flux-cored solder wires and preforms. It is not the intent of this standard to exclude any acceptable flux or soldering material; however, these materials must produce the desired electrical and metallurgical interconnection.

20 pages. Released November 2011.

Date of Publication:
Nov 1, 2011
Number of Pages:
20 Pages
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