IPC-J-STD-020D-DE IPC/JEDEC Moisture/Reflow Sensitivity Classification for Nonhermetic Solid State Surface Mount Devices (in German Language)

IPC, Date of Publication: Jun 14, 2007, 13 Pages

This is the German Language version of IPC-J-STD-020D

Updated with extended support for components used for lead free assembly! This standard identifies the classification levels of nonhermetic solid state surface mount devices that are sensitive to moisture-induced stress. It is used to determine which classification level should be used for initial reliability qualification. These devices can be properly packaged, stored, and handled to avoid subsequent thermal/mechanical damage during solder reflow attachment. Developed by IPC and JEDEC. 



Additional Information:
German Language
Date of Publication:
Jun 14, 2007
Number of Pages:
13 Pages