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Date of Publication: Dec 26, 2013
对SMT组件定期进行机械弯曲和冲击测试,以确保它们能够承受预期的生产、搬运和最终使用条件。在弯曲和冲击测试过程中,加载于SMT组件的应变和应变率 在焊点附近会导致各种失效模式。本文件提供了测试方法去评估印制板组装(PBA)材料的敏感性和关于表面贴装技术(SMT)的连接焊盘下方绝缘材料接合失...

Date of Publication: Dec 18, 2012
Cette norme couvre les définitions et les propriétés des circuits imprimés rigides, incluant les simple-faces, les double-faces,...

Date of Publication: Nov 15, 2007
 IPC-7711/21B-SP Retrabajo, Modificación y Reparación de Ensamble Electrónicos This is the Spanish language translation of...

Date of Publication: Jan 7, 2004
This is the Japanese language version of J-STD-004A ANSI Approved DoD Adopted 1995 Revision A covers requirements for qualification and...

Date of Publication: Jan 8, 1995
This is the Japanese language version of J-STD-005A DOD Adopted 1995 Lists requirements for qualification and characterization of solder paste....

Date of Publication: Jan 18, 2006

This is the Japanese language version of J-STD-006B. This standard prescribes the nomenclature, requirements and test methods for electronic grade solder alloys; for fluxed and non-fluxed bar, ribbon, and powder solders, for electronic soldering applications; and for ''special'' electronic grade solders. This is a quality control standard and is not intended to relate directly to the material's performance in the manufacturing process. Solders for applications other than electronics should be procured using ASTM B-32.

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Date of Publication: Feb 14, 2014
1601-DE Handhabung und Lagerung von Leiterplatten 2152-DE Designrichtlinie für die Bestimmung der...