IPC Standards

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Date of Publication: Jun 5, 2002
This design guideline provides RF and microwave circuit design engineers, printed circuit board engineers, packaging engineers and drafters with the information necessary to design practical, functional and cost effective microwave circuit boards in the frequency range of 100 MHz to 30 GHz.

Date of Publication: Jun 1, 2000
Published jointly with the Japan Printed Circuits Association, IPC-JPCA-2315 provides an easy to follow tutorial on the selection of HDI and microvia design rules and structures.

Date of Publication: Mar 1, 2007
IPC-2316 offers printed board users and designers the necessary information for incorporating formed and placed embedded passive components into their applications.

Date of Publication: Jul 3, 2000
The definitive standard on printed board dimensioning and tolerancing is finally here! IPC-2615 comprehensively covers dimensioning and tolerancing of electronic packaging and is consistent with other IPC printed board standards such as IPC-6012A and IPC-2221A.

Date of Publication: Jul 1, 1996
IPC-3406 offers guidelines for selecting electrically conductive adhesives for use in electronics manufacturing as solder alternatives. The process...

Date of Publication: Nov 1, 1996
IPC-3408 document covers requirements and test methods for anisotropically conductive adhesive films used to bond and electrically connect components.

Date of Publication: Nov 17, 2017
IPC-4103B standard covers the requirements for clad and unclad plastic laminate and bonding layer materials to be used for the fabrication of printed boards for microstrip, stripline and high speed digital electrical and electronic circuits.