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Date of Publication: Sep 11, 2013
This standard specifies the XML schema that represents the intelligent data file format used to describe printed board and printed board assembly products with details sufficient for tooling, manufacturing, assembly, and inspection requirements. This format may be used for transmitting information between a printed board designer and a manufacturing or assembly facility. The data is most useful when the manufacturing cycle includes computer-aided processes and numerical control machines.

Date of Publication: Jan 15, 2016
This complete set of 12 documents includes the latest editions of every IPC cleaning guide and handbook. It is an invaluable tool for manufacturing engineers making decisions on cleaning products and processes. Also provides guidance for troubleshooting. Save 55% off individual document prices!

Date of Publication: Dec 18, 2012

The new Revision H contains updated information on small shrink outline package (SSOP), thin small outline package (TSOP), quad flat pack (QFP), low-profile quad flat pack (LQFP), plastic quad flat package (PQFP), leadless chip carrier (LCC), quad flat no-lead (QFN), and ball grid array (BGA)-related packages, including all the variations within those groups. New components include dual flat no-lead (DFN), quad flat no-lead (QFN) multi-row, package on package (PoP), chip scale package (CSP), chip on board (COB), bare die, and flip chip. In addition, a new section has been added that stresses the dangers of cross contamination when using lead-free components and assemblies. 


Date of Publication: Jul 30, 2015
The scope of the industry standards for the collection of visual quality acceptability requirements on electronic components. This standard does not provide guidelines for the cross-sectional assessment. This document describes the manufacture of electrical and electronic components acceptance requirements. From a historical perspective, electronic assembly standards include guidelines more widely within the industry and technology involved. Therefore, in order to more fully understand the recommendations and requirements of this document, which can use IPC-HDBK-001, IPC-AJ-820 and IPC J-STD-001 when the application of this document. The requirements of this standard, neither intended to define the purpose of the assembly operation to complete the process, but also not intended as a repair / modify or alter authorized products. For example: The standard components in the bonding requirement does not imply, or approval of, or necessarily require the use of adhesive bonding; lead clockwise winding terminals description is not intended, or approved, or must require that all leads / clockwise winding wires have. Users of this standard should have some knowledge in order to be able to understand the applicable requirements of documents and how to apply. It should be retained with the objective evidence to prove this knowledge. When there is no objective evidence, companies should consider the skills of employees is reviewed regularly to determine proper eye test income requirements. IPC-A-610 contains the operating method IPC J-STD-001 included in the scope, the relevant requirements of mechanical assembly and other processes beyond the requirements. Table 1-1 lists the relevant documents.

Date of Publication: Jul 30, 2015
l'IPC-A-610 est la norme la plus utilisée dans le monde pour les assemblages électroniques. L'IPC-A-610 est incontournable pour tous les services d'assemblage et d'assurance qualité, l’IPC-A-610F illustre les critères de réalisation pratique acceptés par l’industrie pour les assemblages électroniques au travers de points détaillés reflétant les conditions acceptable et défaut grâce à des illustrations et des photographies en couleur. Cette révision inclut deux nouveaux types de terminaisons TMS, ainsi que des changements pour les critères de remplissage des trous métallisés et les vides dans les BGA. En outre, chaque fois que cela a été possible, les points ont été modifiés pour une meilleure lisibilité et une compréhension améliorée - sans supprimer aucune exigence.

Date of Publication: Jul 30, 2015
IPC-A-610 является наиболее широко используемым в мире стандартом по сборке электроники. Являясь обязательным для всех отделов обеспечения качества и сборки, IPC-A-610F иллюстрирует принятые отраслью критерии качества для электронных сборок, посредством детально описанных условий приемлемости и дефекта, подкрепленных полноцветными фотографиями и иллюстрациями. Это издание включает в себя два новых типа контакта ТПМ, а также изменения в критериях для заполнения металлизированных отверстий и пустот в паяных соединениях BGA. Кроме того, формулировки по возможности были изменены, чтобы облегчить восприятие текста и повысить понимание - и все это без удаления каких-либо требований.