Manufacturing Insights

Date of Publication: Mar 27, 2019
This timely report, the ninth, provides a comprehensive overview of the major European EMS providers and will be of interest for companies across all areas of the electronics supply chain including industry analysts from the financial, management and government sectors.

Date of Publication: Jan 15, 2019
Europe will continue to provide significant opportunities for companies already involved in the European EMS industry. It will also offer opportunities for companies in Asia and the Americas who are looking to expand geographically into new markets. The European EMS Industry report allows you to track these developments in a single cost-effective study providing both detailed market and company analysis.

Date of Publication: Oct 26, 2018
53 Country World Summary covering production data 2015-2018 and market data for 2015-2021. East European country coverage: Bulgaria; Croatia; Czech Republic; Estonia; Hungary; Lithuania; Poland; Romania; Russia; Slovakia; Slovenia; Turkey, Ukraine. Volume 3 of the Yearbook of World Electronics Data is an essential guide to this strategically important low cost manufacturing location.