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Market research can provide your organization with a thorough understanding of its market, customers, and competitors, and can help your company establish a dominant position in its industry. Through market research, you can increase your market share, boosting revenues by millions and market valuations by billions. You can also reduce your costs and time to market. Publication offers company information and comprehensive and intelligent market data information on industry trends, technologies, product, and buyer behavior. This research category provides the list of latest market reports. Subscribe to our RSS feeds to receive excerpts of the latest research reports daily!

Date of Publication: Dec 4, 2014
This research report presents market size and value forecast and recent quarter review of the Taiwanese smartphone baseband, transceiver, power amplifier, application processor, GPS IC, Bluetooth IC, and Wi-Fi IC markets. The report includes baseband, transceiver, power amplifier, application processor, GPS IC, Bluetooth IC, and Wi-Fi IC market volume, value, ASP, and market share by solution provider. The content of this report is based on primary data obtained through interviews with smartphone component makers

Date of Publication: Dec 3, 2014
There is increasing work on printed inorganics as people struggle with the performance of organics in some aspects. For conductors with vastly better...

Date of Publication: Sep 2, 2014
Asia Pacific Semiconductor Industry Leading Indicator and Forecasts are produced in real time to provide a consistent with the Asia Pacific economic...

Date of Publication: Nov 28, 2014
VIDEO SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM (Camera, Storage, Monitor, Software & Services) Market Size: Global Analysis & Forecast - 2014 to 2020 The report...

Date of Publication: Nov 27, 2014

The primary components covered in the report are control components, sensors, battery, memory, connectivity, display, and others. The ‘others’ component includes a cumulative market statistics of components like stereo audio CODEC, Analog Front End (AFE), Application specific integrated circuits (ASIC), microphones, oscillator, connectors, power management ICs and others. A detailed study of the components in different product types under wearable technology has been completed. The products for which the components market analysis was undertaken are smartwatches, wrist wear, smartglasses, HMD/HUDs, and smart textiles. The maximum and minimum costs of individual components were used to calculate the bill of material for different product types. A detailed pricing and tear down analysis for each component were undertaken to arrive at the total market opportunity for each component, namely control component, memory, battery, sensor, connectivity, and display and optoelectronics component.

Date of Publication: Nov 28, 2014
With increasing focus on safety and comfort , the number of sensors going into the automotive is ever increasing. For example, temperature sensors are used in body electronics for interior and ambient temperature and in chassis for coolant temperature control. Likewise, pressure sensors in body electronics are used for angular position control and in power train for clutch control, line pressure control and belt pressure control and in chassis for tire pressure control. The report identifies the major sensors being used across different vehicle segments and presents a detailed analysis on market size, share and growth.

Date of Publication: May 7, 2014
This report provides the Sub-1GHz communications technologies and markets analysis and assessments; it concentrates on the recent developmental trends in...