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Market research can provide your organization with a thorough understanding of its market, customers, and competitors, and can help your company establish a dominant position in its industry. Through market research, you can increase your market share, boosting revenues by millions and market valuations by billions. You can also reduce your costs and time to market. Publication offers company information and comprehensive and intelligent market data information on industry trends, technologies, product, and buyer behavior. This research category provides the list of latest market reports. Subscribe to our RSS feeds to receive excerpts of the latest research reports daily!

Date of Publication: Sep 19, 2014
The report explores the opportunities for all industry sectors that will be impacted by the development of new power sources for the IoT.  In particular we examine how leading battery companies, chipmakers, OEMs and others are preparing for the business opportunities in the IoT power source space.  The report also discusses the strategies of eight firms that NanoMarkets believes will shape the market for power sources for the IoT over the next decade.

Date of Publication: Sep 18, 2014
The report on the medical electronics market analyzes the medical electronics supply chain, giving a very clear insight of all major and supported segments to the industry.

Date of Publication: Sep 18, 2014
Barrier films, in-line deposition, ALD and flexible glass By 2025, flexible barrier manufacturing will be a market of more than US$550 million A...

Date of Publication: Sep 17, 2014
NTC thermistors demonstrate a decrease in resistance when subjected to an increase in temperature. This makes them unique in their functionality compared to...

Date of Publication: Aug 25, 2014
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Superhard Materials in US$ by the following Product Segments: Cemented Carbides, Tool Steels, Ceramics,...

Date of Publication: Sep 8, 2014
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Level Sensors in US$ Million by the following Types of Technology: Magnetostrictive, Tuning-Fork,...

Date of Publication: Jun 10, 2015
This report gives an in-depth analysis of the 3D sensors market that includes market by technology, market by products, market by type, market by application, and market by geography.