Semiconductors and Integrated Circuits

Date of Publication: Jun 19, 2013
With the global economic outlook expected to improve in 2013, the semiconductor market is also showing signs of recovery. In addition to business results,...

Date of Publication: Jan 16, 2013
Current charge-based semiconductor storage technologies such as SRAM, DRAM, NOR flash and NAND flash face scaling challenges as geometries shrink below...

Date of Publication: Jan 23, 2013
Silicon technology has come a long way since the first microcontrollers were introduced in 1993. Microcontrollers permitted integration of memory with...

Date of Publication: Feb 28, 2013
The global market for DSP has returned to the growing phase after the global economic recession and is expected to grow steadily over the next 5 years....

Date of Publication: Feb 6, 2013
The study is designed to give a comprehensive overview of the DSL CHIP equipment market segment.  Research represents a selection from the mountains of...

Date of Publication: Jan 25, 2013
Worldwide optical amplifier markets are poised to achieve significant growth as the data in networks expands exponentially. As cloud systems proliferate and...

Date of Publication: Jan 25, 2013
Optical transceivers are used to update the communications networks to manage broadband, to update the data center networks to make them manage traffic with higher speeds, to implement the backbone network for mobile communications. Everything is going mobile. This evolution is driven by mobile smart phones and tablets that provide universal connectivity. With 6 million cell phones in use and one million smart phones, soon to be 6 million smart phones, a lot of people have access to mobile communication. Video, cloud-based services, the internet, and machine-to-machine (M2M) provide mobile connectivity. All these devices are networked and drive significant traffic to the broadband network, stimulating the need for optical transceivers.