Semiconductors and Integrated Circuits

Date of Publication: Jan 30, 2014
Global and China Display IC Industry Report Contains The Following Topics: Development trends of LCD driver IC and touch IC Analysis on...

Date of Publication: Apr 8, 2015
This Optoelectronics (OE) chapter covers data transmission utilizing optical technology over telecommunication distances of hundreds of kilometers down to on-chip distances of a few millimeters. As data rates rise in all of these applications, optical technology continues to displace copper for data transmission over shorter distances. The higher the data rate required, the shorter the distance over which optical methods become superior. 

Date of Publication: Jan 22, 2015

The global Next Generation Memory Market applications market is mainly categorized into volatile memories and non-volatile memories. Non-volatile memories covered in this report are ReRAM, PCM, MRAM, and FeRAM, among other technologies. The next generation volatile memories covered in this report are SRAM and DRAM (SDRAM, mobile DRAM, and other DRAM technologies).

Date of Publication: Oct 1, 2014

Mobile devices continue to be a prime area of growth for audio ICs. Even sections of the market which are starting to hit their peak annual shipments, for example, high-end smartphones, continue to develop with new applications such as “always on” voice control requiring new functionality and driving developments in mobile device audio implementation. This study covers semiconductor trends in mobile device audio signal chain ICs, with an emphasis on understanding increasing integration trends and the effect on overall market growth. It provides shipment, revenue and ASP forecasts from 2010 to 2020 and competitive analysis.

Date of Publication: Dec 11, 2014
This research report covers all aspects of the global network semiconductor market. It takes into account historic and emerging business usage trends,...

Date of Publication: Jan 5, 2015
Crystal Oscillator Market by General Circuitry (SPXO, TCXO, VCXO, FCXO, & OCXO), Technology (AT, BT, SC), Mounting Scheme (SMT and Thru-Hole),...

Date of Publication: Dec 22, 2014
Wireless Portable Medical Device Market by Technology (BT/BLE, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, ANT+), Component (Sensors, ICs, Processors), Application (Monitoring, Medical...