Solar in Latin America & The Caribbean 2013: Markets, Outlook & Competitive Positioning

Solar in Latin America & The Caribbean 2013: Markets, Outlook & Competitive Positioning

GTM, Date of Publication: Jan 24, 2013, 125 Pages

As the installed cost of solar continues to decline globally, emerging markets in Latin America and the Caribbean with expensive wholesale and grid electricity prices are offering opportunity for players across the industry's value and supply chains. In the past year, there has been a flurry of activity in the region with more than 8.4 GW of large-scale project announcements. 

For 2013, the Latin America and the Caribbean will install more than 450 MW of grid-connected PV, compared to less than 100 MW in 2012. A majority of this will come from large utility-scale installations in Mexico and Chile. Brazil will see a number of its megawatt-scale R&D projects connected and initial growth in its distributed markets as electricity distribution companies begin to adopt interconnection and net-metering procedures.

FIGURE: Latin America Large-Scale Project Pipeline by Country

Source: Solar in Latin America & The Caribbean 2013

Despite the significant number of project announcements in Latin America, to date, little grid-connected solar has been installed and the industry in these countries is primarily comprised of distributors serving the off-grid market. This lack of domestic competition is seen by developers and component manufacturers as an opportunity to be a first-mover in a market with tremendous growth potential. While there are few pure-play solar companies operating in these countries, in every country there are incumbent firms that operate in a similar industry that could easily transition into the solar space. As some foreign entrants have already discovered, local knowledge has proven more valuable than solar-specific experience when operating in the region.

This 125-page report examines the market opportunities in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Jamaica, Mexico and Peru. The analysis includes country-specific electricity scenarios, an examination of current and potential solar policies in each market, utility project pipelines, leading developers and CAPEX costs by country, as well as market forecasts to 2017.



2.1. Introduction
2.2. Electricity Market Dynamics
2.2.1. Generation and Demand
2.2.2. Electricity Market Structure & Operation
2.2.3. Electricity Prices & Power Purchase Agreements
2.2.4. Operating Electricity Generators & Market Shares
2.2.5. Transmission
2.3. Legislative Support
2.3.1. Government Solar Tenders
2.4. Current Solar Industry Landscape
2.4.1. Distributed Generation
2.4.2. Utility Scale Project Development Processes
2.4.3. Utility Scale Developer Landscape
2.4.4. Notable Developer Profiles & Projects
2.4.5. Operating & Late-Stage Projects
2.4.6. Capital Costs in Chile
2.5. Chile Market Outlook
2.5.1. Market Forecast
2.5.2. Barriers to Development
2.5.3. Market Leaders

3.1. Introduction
3.2. Electricity Market Dynamics
3.2.1. Generation and Demand
3.2.2. Electricity Market Structure and Operation
3.2.3. Electricity Prices and Power Purchase Agreements
3.2.4. Operating Electricity Generators and Market Shares
3.2.5. Transmission
3.3. Legislative Support
3.3.1. Net-Metering
3.4. Current Solar Industry Landscape
3.4.1. Distributed Generation
3.4.2. Distributed Generation Supply Chain
3.4.3. Leading Distributed Solar Providers
3.4.4. Financiers
3.4.5. Third-Party Ownership
3.4.6. Utility Scale
3.4.7. Utility Scale Developer Landscape
3.4.8. Operating and Late-Stage Pipeline
3.5. Mexico Market Outlook
3.5.1. Market Forecast
3.5.2. Market Leaders
3.5.3. Barriers to Development4. BRAZIL

4.1. Introduction
4.2. Current Energy Landscape
4.2.1. Generation and Demand
4.2.2. Electricity Market Structure and Operation
4.2.3. Electricity Prices and Power Purchase Agreements
4.2.4. Operating Electricity Suppliers and Market Shares
4.2.5. Transmission
4.2.6. Disruptive Electricity Rate Reduction Proposal
4.3. Legislative Support
4.4. Current Solar Industry Landscape
4.4.1. Distributed Generation
4.4.2. Brazil Distributed Generation Installer Landscape
4.4.3. Energy Services Companies (ESCOs)
4.4.4. Financiers
4.4.5. Utility-Scale Solar
4.4.6. Utility-Scale Developer Landscape
4.5. Brazil Market Outlook
4.5.1. Market Forecast
4.5.2. Barriers to Development
4.5.3. Market Leaders

5.1. Peru
5.1.1. Current Energy Landscape
5.1.2. Legislative Support
5.1.3. Current Solar Industry Landscape
5.1.4. Solar Industry Outlook
5.2. Argentina
5.2.1. Current Energy Landscape
5.2.2. Legislative Support/Current Solar Industry Landscape
5.2.3. Solar Industry Outlook
5.3. Ecuador
5.3.1. Current Energy Landscape
5.3.2. Legislative Support
5.3.3. Current Solar Industry Landscape
5.3.4. Solar Industry Outlook
5.4. Dominican Republic
5.4.1. Current Energy Landscape
5.4.2. Legislative Support/Current Solar Industry Landscape
5.4.3. Solar Industry Outlook
5.5. Jamaica
5.5.1. Current Energy Landscape
5.5.2. Legislative Support/Current Solar Industry Landscape
5.5.3. Solar Industry Outlook

6.1. Cumulative Market Forecast
6.2. Market Drivers


• Latin American Large-Scale Project Pipeline by Country (as of January 2, 2013)
• Latin American Market Potential Metrics

• Chile Electricity Demand, 2001-2020E
• Chile’s Solar Resources
• Chile Generation Resources (MW)
• SIC Generation Capacity & Peak Demand
• SING Generation Capacity & Peak Demand
• Mining Electricity Demand in SING, 2012-2020E
• Chile Electricity Demand by Economic Sector, 2011
• Public and Private Stakeholders and Regulatory Agencies in Chile
Electricity Market
• Simplified Chile Electricity Market Structure
• Chile Electricity Prices, Oct 2007 – May 2012
• SING Generation Capacity by Company & Source (MW)
• SIC Generation Capacity by Company (MW), 2011
• Chile Transmission Resources (does not include lines below 66kV)
• Major Transmission Lines and Location of Mining Operations & Solar Projects
• Current NCRE Goal
• Proposed NCRE Acceleration
• Development Cycle for System Connected to Distribution Network
• Developers Active in Chile & Current Pipeline
• Leading Utility Scale Developers in Chile (as of December 2012)
• Environmental Permitting Status by Developer (MW)
• Completed & Late-Stage Project Pipeline
• Average Capital Cost per Watt by Developer
• Chile Solar Market Forecast, 2012 - 2017

• Mexico Solar Resources
• Mexico Generating Capacity and Peak Demand
• Mexico Generation Resources (MW), 2011
• Mexico Electricity Consumption by Economic Sector, 2011
• Mexico Average Retail Electricity Rates by Economic Sector
($US/kWh), 2002 -2012
• Electricity Generation Capacity for CFE & IPPs, 2001-1H 2012
• Mexican Grid Infrastructure & Load Centers
• Sample Monthly Residential Electricity Bill, September 2012
• Mexico Renewable Generation Goals
• Current Non-Fossil Generation in Mexico
• Mexico Installed Capacity Portfolio in 2025 According to SENER

Number of Net-Metered Solar Installations in Mexico, 2009 – 1H2012
• New Net-Metered Solar Generating Capacity, 2009-1H 2012
• Leading Distributors – Brands and Services Offered
• Mexico DG Solar Taxonomy
• Developers Active in Mexico and Current Pipelines
• Operating and Late-Stage Projects in Mexico
• Mexico Solar Market Forecast, 2012 - 2013

• Generation and Demand
• Brazil Electricity Generation by Source, 2011
• Electricity Consumption by Line Voltage
• Brazil Electricity Consumption by Economic Sector, 2007-2011
• Average Electricity Prices by Consumer & Region ($US/kWh/no taxes),
October 2012
• Residential Electricity Rates by Distribution Company
• Average Residential Electricity Bill Breakdown
• Leading Generators Market Share
• Leading Distribution Companies and Number of Customers
• Brazil Solar Resources & Transmission Infrastructure
• Leading Transmission Companies by Line Length
• Brazil Stadium & Utility R&D Solar Project List
• Leading DG Installers by Capacity Installed
• Brazilian ESCOs with Potential as Solar Providers
• Developers Active in Brazil and Current Pipelines
• Brazil Market Forecast, 2013-2017
• Most Attractive DG Markets by Distributor Territory

• Peru Electricity Generation by Source, 1971-2009
• Peru RER Tender Contracts
• Average Retail Electricity Price SIEN Grid, Jan 2011 – May 2012
• Argentina Electricity Generation by Source, 1971 - 2009
• GENREN Tendered Solar Projects
• Ecuador Electricity Generation by Source
• CONELEC FIT Contracts Awarded & Project Location
• Dominican Republic Electricity Generation by Source, 2011

• Aggregate Latin America Market Forecast, 2013-2017
• Government Sponsored Solar Program Review
• High-Potential Market Comparison

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