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Electronics.ca publishing company is mainly for the electronics industry to provide technology and market research of world-class research network and publishing company. The company’s network across multiple areas of expertise in electronics, and the link between knowledge of international investigators and expert analysis. We provide important information about the semiconductor, electronics manufacturing, wireless technology and the integration of markets, such as the existing reporting training materials and industry standards and so on.


Market research allows your organization to its markets, customers and competitors have a thorough understanding can also help your company to establish its leading position in the industry leading.

Through market research, to increase your market share, a substantial increase in revenues, but also to multiply market evaluation. And can also save your company costs and time on the market development.

Electronics.ca and the electronics industry in the field of a major international survey of local companies and professional investigators and advisors, provide information about industry trends, technologies, products and buyer trends and other aspects of the company’s information and extensive insightful market information. We elaboration specialized market reports and investigation cases are all designed for clients a wide range of representative works to provide all-encompassing knowledge base for the worldwide electronics industry.

You can also register to participate in areas of interest according to the latest market information on a regular basis contain personal survey information more new, to make your business more convenient.


Electronics.ca News is the largest electronics industry is fully committed to investigative journalism online resources. Through our News & Partners vast network of contacts, Electronics.ca provide the user access to and dissemination of relevant information of the most cost-effective way.

If you do not have time to participate regularly visit our press center, we also offer RSS feeds, keep your information updated, get the latest information, news and investigation. .

Whether you have news to share, or the existing plan requires appropriate and reliable sources of information, or would like to ensure that the material on your site is updated frequently, or will want to get the author’s information, Electronics.ca news that is the most trusted sources of information. Start now contribute your director, to become this strong lineup of one.


Through exclusive agreements with individuals, institutions and companies, Electronics.ca Knowledge Center gives you a with a number of well-known experts in academia and industry pipeline. We offer a comprehensive curriculum for the newly employees, to provide you with cross-training existing staff, or to provide pre-employment training for students just entering the electronics industry and so on. So you can train, test, and make sure your staff in semiconductor manufacturing, printed circuit board (PCB) on the basics of electronic assemblies and.


Electronics.ca is a global research network company, and even many of the electronics industry has its roots in the local and international various market sectors, including agency, corporate and investment banking.

Electronics.ca has a client list of many successful performance and satisfaction, we will continue to have intrinsic faith to provide relevant and timely market information and tools for the agents.

Our clients include:

Electronics.ca not only provides depth and comprehensive view of the electronics industry, we work with you, with our innovative customer loyalty program , let your company get the most exposure.

Customer is our network of part of network , we meet their needs and to seek for their changing business needs. The scope of our knowledge and tools to help customers every day are covered by establishing its leadership position in the emerging markets.

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